The Magic of Multifamily – A Full Day Boot Camp Arrives

We’ve teased you about this for years, and it’s finally here. 10+ hours of HANDS ON learning about Multifamily investments. No sales pitch for educational products or mentoring. Just pure learning that is immediately applicable to real life scenarios.

The Boot camp is hosted in partnership with SJREI group.



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 Here Is What You Can Expect From The Multifamily Boot Camp:

  • Expect to be highly entertained
  • Expect to learn a lot about the multifamily apartment industry
  • Expect wow moments and eye openers
  • Expect continuous 2 way interaction rapid question bombardment from the attendees
  • Expect to say something like “Wow, this is how all seminars should be”.
  • Expect the information to be no-fluff. Lots of specific, targeted information, not Powerpoint slides about general principles.


What you will learn:

  • Basics of why multi family is such a powerful investing tool
  • Why a $25 rent increase in a 200 unit apartment complex increases your net worth by $750,000
  • Single family vs multifamily – Pros and cons
  • Lessons and strategies from past experience
  • How to identify emerging metros and find quality apartment complexes
  • How to purchase these buildings in a group, without having to put in millions of dollars
  • Why single family is a job and multifamily is an investment
  • California vs other states: which is better?
  • What kind of returns can you expect, and the time frame?
  • Macro market trends supporting Multifamily investing
  • Why Multifamily prices tend to be less volatile than single family prices


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Additional Bootcamp Information:

Multifamily Fundamentals – Let’s Start With The Basics  

We will start at the beginning, with all the fundamentals of Multifamily. You will learn why apartments are so fundamentally different from single family units. We will talk about how they are valued, how are loans underwritten. We will talk about multifamily cycles, typical investment length, risks and benefits, Classes of multifamily buildings and how to identify them. We will understand terms like NOI, Cap rate, DCR, and how to use them when buying and selling. You will be introduced to the top 6 reasons that people buy apartments (and a couple might surprise you !!).

Then, we are going to go deep into the 4 phases of a Multifamily project – Pre-offer, post offer, post-purchase and sale. In each phase, there is critical knowledge that Neal will pass on, that will prevent extremely costly mistakes that could result in loss of your entire investment.


 Is Your Metro Any Good?

Now it’s time to get down and dirty. We will focus on your city and MSA (Metropolitan statistical area) for apartment investing. Is your backyard any good for Multifamily? What are the best areas for 5-year future rent increases? What areas are going to hurt by overbuilding? Who are the top listing and buying brokers in your market? Who are the top property managers?

Detailed, up to date information will be provided on each submarket in your metro. With detailed charts and graphics, we will discuss vacancy rates, rent growth, population growth, crime, net absorption, job growth by industry, median household income, demand, supply, expenses (by asset class), historical sales transactions, rents by submarket and a lot more. If we have time, we will also trace the ‘path of progress’ in your metro. You will learn more about your metro than you ever have. And, more importantly, you will learn how to use this information to buy the right product at the right time.


 Hands On Lab: Let’s Underwrite Some Properties

The attendees will be split into groups, and will use underwriting templates that we will provide to underwrite several properties. The goal of the group will be to make an intelligent, data driven decision on whether the property is a clunker or a catch. Neal will walk the attendees through the template, and will give you rules-of-thumb to calculate expenses and income.

Hands On Lab: Finding and Analyzing Sub-markets

We will demo a number of web analysis tools that will help you find and analyze the best pockets and submarkets in any city. Bring a laptop or iPad and you can follow along, and maybe even compare your favorite pocket against those of other attendees.


 2017 and 2018 Real Estate Investment Trends

We will deliver a power packed session about key trends that you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about before you start planning your 2017 and 2018 investments. This is a not-to-be-missed investment for both the analytical and the opportunistic investor. The presentation is fast, fact-driven and entertaining. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • The state of the U.S. and world economy – can it support more growth?
  • The all important job market – where are we going?
  • How are rising interest rates going to impact real estate?
  • How are demographics affecting the real estate market?
  • How did Multifamily (apartment) industry do in 2016?
  • What are the Multifamily predictions from analysts for 2017 (with mid-year update)?
  • The best and worst U.S metros for multifamily in 2017 (with mid-year update)
  • What is the forecast for California’s market in 2017 (with midyear update)?
  • What are the best and worst markets in California?
  • The TRUMP factor: what does it mean for real estate investors?

Mega-Marketing: How To Use The Web To Market For Maximum Profit

Don’t assume that your property manager is up to date on Internet Marketing techniques. Most property managers don’t have a clue. In a series of web demos, Neal will show you real campaigns running on a half dozen websites that will turbocharge your incoming lead flow, and allow you to charge market (and above market) rents. You will get bonus marketing tips for craigslist, Negative reviews, and social media. Your property manager will be astonished by the lead flow that you will generate for your properties after you watch this demo. Get ready for the occupancy and profit boost!!

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Bonus 1: Technology and Research Toolkit

We will go through a toolkit of tech websites that make it easier to find the best markets, submarkets and properties.

Other toolkit items focus on marketing apartments for maximum profit, on managing tenants, and on marketing your properties through web networks, when you are ready to sell them

Bonus 2: Data Reports For Your Metro

We will share data reports for the submarkets in your metro. These reports are critical to you making good buying and selling decisions.

Bonus 3: Books And Blogs

We will provide recommended reading, both books and online blogs, so you can keep up with market trends and required knowledge.

Bonus 4: Path of Progress for major CA and US cities

The path of progress is like a river that flows through a city. All participants will receive a rendering of the path of progress through major U.S. cities like Phoenix, Dallas, Orlando, and most California cities.