Anthony Patrick and His Team Profit in So Cal’s Inland Empire.

Step into the world of Anthony Patrick, the CEO of New Harvest Ventures, LLC. He’s a real estate investor who loves sharing his wealth-building secrets with everyone he meets. Patrick believes education is an important path towards fulfilling the American Dream; and he’s doing his part to help improve people’s lives by offering his knowledge to all who seek it.

Recently, we stepped into Anthony Patrick’s latest wealth-building three-day seminar. Our team exited the program and bus tour inspired and eager to implement the techniques we learned.

It is evident from his easy-manner and frankness that Anthony Patrick truly enjoys what he does. He says he loves to motivate people and give them the knowledge to start their own path towards success.

After attending his bootcamp, his students are enthusiastic about also getting into the business of scooping up neglected houses, which nobody seems to want, fixing them up, and then selling them for a huge profit. What a great way to clean up neighborhoods and build wealth at the same time! It’s truly the American Dream for Patrick, his wife, Mindy, and their team business partners.

Over the years, Anthony Patrick from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and his partner, Richard Endrosolin from Ventura, Calif., have mastered the art of flipping houses. It certainly wasn’t easy at first and they both made costly mistakes along the way, but now they are reaping the financial rewards of staying in the game.

Patrick admits real estate gets him excited. He says the entire transaction process is enjoyable. “This business is truly my passion. I feel blessed that I can do it and that real estate is my life’s work.”

Because Patrick went through the countless trials and errors of learning the business, he says he has a lot of empathy for his students. “I’ve been through everything and anything you can imagine when it comes to flipping a home,” he explains. And he knows the pitfalls too.

During his three-day bootcamp, Anthony takes investors from around the country on a tour of his local area, to see the deals he has done, and those that he is actively rehabbing. He works with them side by side, explaining his methods and reasons for doing things the way he does. “There’s a logic to every step in flipping houses,” Patrick says.

Everything is explained and everything is revealed. Anthony often repeats himself just to ensure that everyone understands it. Patrick realizes that many of his students are embarking into unknown territory, and as he states, “doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes that I made when I learned the business.”

Every few months, Patrick disembarks with a bus load of eager students from throughout California and around the nation. Investors of all ages are anxious to learn how to rehabilitate distressed properties and make a handsome profit doing so.

Patrick’s American Dream was realized through real estate. He began as a handyman, then graduated to a real estate inspector. Today, he has flipped hundreds of houses and has also shared the stage with influential leaders of wealth, such as Donald Trump, Suze Orman and Ron LeGrand.

Although he prides himself as being a “self-made man,” Patrick acknowledges that he’s had a lot of help to get where he is today. “My beautiful wife, Mindy, is my right hand. And I have a phenomenal team of brokers, real estate agents, rehabbers, contractors and investors who have been instrumental to my success.”

Patrick describes himself as a man of faith: “God has guided my way throughout this journey,” he confides.

Before we conclude the interview, we asked Patrick if he had any last-minute suggestions for our readers. He replied: “Don’t wait to invest, start now. Many people don’t believe they have the money to start investing, but did you know that you could use some of your home’s equity or your 401(k) retirement plan from work? You can even use money from your IRA account to get started.”

Patrick believes almost anyone can succeed in real estate with the proper mentor, education, motivation, and passion.

Sign up for one of Anthony’s weekend seminars. They are held in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. The team’s mission is to transform the lives of others and improve their quality of life. Call Anthony Patrick at New Harvest Ventures, LLC and ask how you can sign up to learn the art of successful real estate investing.

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