Don’t have a scary retirement, instead make a

“Spooktacular” investment this Halloween

By Morgan Schaal


Solvang, Calif., Realty411 is reminding the public about their “Spooktacular” Halloween Real Estate Expo happening on October 25 at the Upsky Hotel & Resort, located at 110 Motor Parkway, in Hauppauge, New York. This event marks the second Realty411 expo this year in the East Coast.


Realty411’s Expo is free to attend, and features a full day of education and networking designed to help the public learn about the benefits of real estate investing. Realty411‘s mission is to also keep the importance of real estate at the forefront of conversation.

Linda Pliagas, the founder of Realty411 says, “Recent statistics indicate that younger people are dismissing the importance of home ownership, which is of great concern to me and our Realty411 team. Homeownership is the first step toward financial freedom. I’ve had many conversations with seniors who were not able to retire due to not having a home paid off. Owning real estate makes a tremendous difference, especially as you age.”


Hundreds of real estate enthusiasts attend Realty411’s expos, which are hosted nearly every month in different cities around the country. So far, Realty411 has hosted events in Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, McAllen, TX, plus the popular California cities of San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Luis Obispo, as well as their home city of Santa Barbara.


As Pliagas explains, “Our expo’s help people from all walks of life achieve the American Dream of home ownership and beyond, through the process of networking, entertainment, and open discussion.”

Realty411 is asking the public to help spread the word about the expos so as many people as possible can benefit.Pliagas adds, “We are calling on real estate brokers, agents, investors, entrepreneurs and other professionals to join us and celebrate ever-growing success together as a community.”

To learn more, make a “Spooktacular” investment by visiting www.realty411guide.com under their events page. Lots of great information and candy will be served.

Trick or treat? Join us to find out…


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