NOTES: The Secret to Steady, Secured Monthly Cash

Flow… Without Being a Landlord

What are hedge funds buying in lieu of foreclosures and REOs?


What are notes?

Loans that are secured to property (often referred to as mortgages).

Why is this an attractive investment?

Remember all that shadow inventory we expected to hit the real estate market? What happened to it? How did the foreclosure crisis end so suddenly?

Simple: Big banks have found it much easier to work around strict foreclosure laws by selling their performing and non-performing notes to hedge funds, rather than go through the strict and litigious foreclosure process.

It’s estimated there are approximately 10 million of these notes out there – and they are not going to investors through the traditional channels.

If you are looking for discounted property, you won’t find it at trust deed sales or from REO brokers anymore.

Today, you get it from hedge funds who have bought these distressed assets in bulk for pennies on the dollar – in the form of NOTES.

There has never been a better time to understand the note business.

This is the last remaining strategy for buying distressed real estate assets at discounted prices.

In this very exciting Real Wealth Investor Academy event, we have brought our members the nation’s most experienced note buyer to teach us:

  • the basics of the note business
  • which hedge funds are buying billions of dollars of notes at incredibly deep discounts – literally pennies-on-the-dollar
  • why the small investor can only access these notes through these hedge funds
  • how to buy notes for as little as $9,000!
  • why experienced investors with cash are choosing this as their #1 investment today

Note buying can be as easy as owning stocks, with the additional benefit of personal control over your investment. And note buying can be easier than being a landlord, while providing steady, passive income.

Our speaker has over 30 year’s experience buying and brokering over 30,000 notes. He is truly one of the best and most experienced in the business. He will demystify the process of buying notes and provide clear action steps to get started.

This training is appropriate for two types of investors:

  • those who have more time than money and want a career as a hands-on real estate investor
  • those who have more money than time and want passive income and a safe haven for their money

You are invited to attend this special Real Wealth Investor Academy event and join other investors who want to build and protect their wealth through savvy real estate investments.

Come learn the 4 simple steps of buying notes for pennies-on-the dollar. You will also learn very detailed due diligence techniques that can be used to buy both income property and notes.

Event Logistics:

We are hosting 3 mini events around the bay area prior to the full day training on Saturday, August 16th. These mini events are free to attend and will serve as a primer for the full-day training on Saturday.

The full day training event is for FREE for Real Wealth Investor Academy members.

You can sign up for the Academy here.

General Admission for Non-Academy members is $150


SACRAMENTOFree Introduction to Notes Event
Wednesday, August 13th
Hilton Sacramento Arden West
2200 Harvard Street
Sacramento, CA 95815
7:00PM – 9:00PM

SUNNYVALEFree Introduction to Notes Event
Thursday, August 14th
The Domain Hotel – Sunnyvale
1085 East El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
7:00PM – 9:00PM

PLEASANT HILLFree Introduction to Notes Event
Friday, August 15th
Pleasant Hill Courtyard Marriott
2250 Contra Costa Boulevard
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
12 Noon – 2:00PM

SAN MATEO – Full day Real Wealth Investor Academy Training Event
Saturday, August 16th
Hilton Garden Inn
2000 Bridgepointe Circle
San Mateo, CA 94404
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

So here’s the bottom line: You can receive passive income investing in notes. Feel good about your investment because you’ve provided a solution for other people. Earn positive cash flow while getting a phenomenal deal. Provide borrowers with an alternative solution to foreclosure and ruined credit.

If you’re ready to learn how other cash investors have replaced stocks and REOs with notes and want to build your portfolio earning a full-time income with minimum capital, I encourage you to click below to see if we still have seats available.