Once marketed as “the fastest-growing real estate magazine in the country”, Realty411 continues to expand into new markets by adding more live events to increase their outreach in 2016.

DECEMBER 29, 2015 | Santa Barbara, Calif. – In closing for 2015, Realty411 produced and hosted a total of 19 expos and events around the country and reached more real estate investors and realty professionals than any other media and expo company in the real estate investment niche.

Realty411, based in Santa Barbara County, hosted events from New York City to San Francisco, and from Seattle to Dallas.  Most of the expos were complimentary to attend, and many of them also doubled as charity events designed to raise awareness and donations for nonprofit organizations.

Publisher of Realty Publications Targeting Specialized Audiences –

In addition to publishing their well-known magazine brand, Realty411, and having an alternate cover edition marketed to high net worth consumers as Real Estate Wealth; the publishers also produce the popular online REI Wealth Monthly in association with Net Planet Media.

Additionally, Realty411 publishes CashFlow Express, a personal finance newspaper distributed at their live events, as well as Private Money411, a special supplement with financial news and industry information.

Expanding Live Expos, Reaching More People –

In 2015, Realty411 reached more people with their live 22 expos in 19 cities – more markets than any other realty event company.

The number of guests at their 2015 live events ranged in size from 80 to well over 350 people. While their occupations varied, most guests were white-collar professionals, business owners (entrepreneurs), and real estate service professionals.

Some of their largest events were held in Dallas, Manhattan and Los Angeles – an area spanning across the United States and focusing on key real estate markets.

The expos, always complimentary to attend, are not the norm in an industry that typically charges up to $200 to attend similar events, which showcases the same type of information.

Discovering New Markets and New Cities –

For 2016, Realty411 will continue to expand into new cities with the goal of reaching more of their subscribers, readers and social media followers in person. Currently, their online readership spans the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel, India and more.

Company Continues to Raise Awareness & Donations for Charity –

The Salvation Army, the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Orange County Women’s Transitional Living Center, Long Island Cares, and NARF – the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation, are just some of the incredible nonprofits that Realty411 has worked with in 2016.

The media company raised donations, awareness, and much-needed supplies for numerous charities across the nation to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Realty411‘s mission of increasing knowledge about the benefits of investing in real estate, providing a network for industry professionals, all while giving back to the nation’s most needy, is the fuel that continues to drive the company forward into the future.

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