LOS ANGELES, Calif. July 22, 2014 — A California-based investment magazine Realty411 continues to expand this year’s national tour of free events geared toward people interested in any aspect of the real estate investment industry.

Six EXPOs will be held in California, Nevada, Texas, and New York over the next four months, according to Linda Pliagas, Realty411 founder and publisher.

The events are scheduled as follows:

San Jose, Calif. — Aug. 23 to 24.

McAllen, Texas — Sept. 27.

Las Vegas, Nev. — Oct. 4 to 5.

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Oct. 25.

Los Angeles, Calif. — Nov. 8 to 9.

San Francisco, Calif. — Dec. 6. (Charity Toy Drive)

Not only will attendees hear free seminars from international experts in real estate investing and entrepreneurship, but also they will have numerous networking opportunities, plus receive copies of their multiple publications.

“I met my own personal private lender at one of my events in California. He lent me $150,000 to close one of my deals. You never know who you will meet at these expos,” Pliagas said, adding that she has been a licensed real estate agent for over 11 years.

Pliagas has hosted the Realty411 EXPOs since 2008, when they began as smaller events at the Veteran’s Hall in Culver City, Calif. She says her publication was the first in its niche to start the trend of holding quality free events in major cities across the country: Los Angeles, San Jose, New York City, Seattle, Phoenix, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta.

“Our sponsors pay for everything. We get a lot of industry support. Also, the way we operate our business and our magazine is very cost-effective,” Pliagas said. She also revealed that although Realty411 was profitable from the start, because she has passive and multiple streams of income, she does not rely on the funds derived from the media company she founded.

Pliagas is primarily a buy-and-hold landlord of multiple properties in California as well as out of state. In 2013 Pliagas invested in three residential properties in California, which she chose specifically because they met her goals of having equity growth potential.

The once-distressed properties are now worth $1.2 million and have appreciated nearly $400,000 in about fifteen months.

Pliagas, a long-time real estate agent, has a personal interest in helping women and people from underprivileged backgrounds become more self-sufficient through real estate investing.

She was able to replace her former income as a journalist through rental properties. Pliagas did not grow up in an environment of financial luxury; her family lost their modest home to foreclosure when she was still in high school, but by the time she was 39, she was able to pay off her mortgage in West Los Angeles.

Her entire media model was initially formulated as an altruistic past-time. “I came into this business at the height of the real estate crash because I wanted to help people, educate them, and give them their motivation back. Realty411 began from this place — from a position of passion, not profit.”

She routinely gets hugs from complete strangers at their events in part due to having the largest social media fan base of any other realty investment magazine.

Being so publicly visible has also resulted in some scary moments She said she has also received numerous email threats and frighting anonymous phone calls as well.

“I’ve had to learn how to grow thicker skin since being in the public eye, but overall these events have been very inspirational to me and I feel like I’m so blessed that I can help others learn how to replace their income or just have a better retirement,” Pliagas said.

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Article by Stephanie Mojica
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