Do you know what made Dr. Phil famous?
It was his weekly appearances on Oprah!

Was he the world's smartest psychologist? Is he the most
handsome? I don't think so.

So, why is Dr. Phil rich and famous...and not you?

It's because of publicity.

Publicity is one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

Reporters are constantly on the lookout for products, companies,
and individuals to write about.

If you're not using publicity then you are missing out on sales
and leaving a lot of money on the table.

Advertising mixed with publicity or PR (public relations) can
increase sales in a short period of time.

The 2 Biggest Reasons PR Doesn't Help Business Owners

1) Business owners aren't familiar with it. Before I got into PR
I owned a collection agency and I had never heard about public
relations. And, I wasted lots of money on advertising that
didn't work. Let's face it. Reporters can't write about you if
they don't know you exist.

2) Your PR efforts aren't consistent. Sending one press release
every 3 or 4 months is not a campaign and doesn't get results.

I've discovered 21 ways you can get publicity to promote your
business, get new customers, boost sales, and have lots of fun.

1. Call the radio station when you hear " We have open lines."
and talk about issues that your expertise solves.

2. Give an award. (Find influential people in your community or
industry and give them an award.)

3. Get an editorial calendar from publications you'd like to
be in and find out upcoming stories that fit your expertise.

4. Arrange round up articles with other experts in your

5. Host your own radio show.

6. Write articles for newspapers and magazines.

7. Write Op/Ed columns for newspapers.

8. Write a letter to the editor.

9. Write a tip sheet. ( 21 Ways to...)

10. Write a guest column for newspapers.

11. Write a how-to article.

12. Write and send press releases to the media.

13. Start your own free local cable access TV show. (Contact
local cable company)

14. Speak for local civic groups and announce in their

15. Go where the cameras are. Read calendar of events section in
your newspaper or call newsroom and ask what events are they

16. Call photographers desk at local newspapers and volunteer
your office or building for backdrop or special issue stories.

17. Write a pitch letter.

18. Set up referrals with other well-known experts. Refer
reporters to each other.

19. Send reprints of articles to other media outlets and offer
additional information.

20. Create your own special day. (Visit

21. Call the media on slow news days (weekends and holidays) and
suggest a story.


Robert Smith is a celebrated public relations specialist who has helped many real estate agents,
brokers and real estate companies with marketing their business. He has garnered publicity
in the following media:

Fox News
Fox Business
Worth Magazine
NY Times
Wall St. Journal
Fast Company
Steve Harvey TV Show
LA Daily Talk Show
Small Business Opportunities

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