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Dear Realty411 Reader;

Remember I wrote you about Randy Hughes? He’s that real estate investor who has taken it upon himself to learn all he can about privacy and asset protection. He’s learned so much,and applied what he learned in his own investment business, that people contact him from all over the country with their questions.

Randy shared a shocking story with me.

A while back this lady, an investor, calls him from Florida, needing his help like right away! Randy could tell this was an urgent situation for his caller, so he asked her, “What’s going on?” The lady proceeds to tell him that she is being stalked, by one of her tenants mind you, and her stalker went to the courthouse to find the addresses of all her properties. She has heard from her residents that the stalker is going from property to property, until he finds the one at which she lives.

Can you imagine?

Well, you’d better imagine. You’ll be safer if you do. As scary as that situation was for the lady (and Randy was able to provide her some help, by the way) your future may hold something even more upsetting.

That’s why I’ve invited Randy to share some of his knowledge about the unique opportunities for financial privacy we have as real estate investors during a workshop especially for us.

Register for it here.

Randy has found we do have control over what people find out about us in the public record. And he’s going to share some of what he’s learned with us.

Best of all, I’ve asked Randy to tell us how we can use this control in our own investment businesses free of charge. That’s right: FREE. Some people pay $1500 to $2000 per property to put this control in place.

Keep the creepers away.

Registering for this free workshop is an essential first step.


To our continued success,

Linda Pliagas
Publisher, Realty411

P.S. Stop making it easy for stalkers and other misguided people to find you.

P.P.S. I will see you on the training event!

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