If you believe there’s such a thing as too good-looking, too much money, or too high a credit score, this web presentation is NOT for you.  
No matter how strong your credit scores are, they could be stronger—and could help you create more wealth.
Leaving points off a credit score is just like leaving money on the table. Do you know what opportunities come with an 800+ credit score?
CreditSense is a revolutionary company that is changing what America believes about personal credit and borrowing. Your members, especially those who are trying get the best mortgage rates, no longer have to feel powerless when dealing with lenders—victim to the three digit number called a credit score.
CreditSense offers powerful and proven strategies to not only recover lost points due to bad credit, but optimize your member’s credit profiles so that every piece of data measured by FICO® scoring software produces the maximum number of credit score points.
Is there any wonder why credit scores are lower than they should be?
CreditSense helps your members make sense of their credit. We know the rules for obtaining a high credit score and can help them to maximize their points—and their credit approvals. CreditSense optimizes your credit profiles so that they fit the perfect 800+ credit profile.
     Your Benefits
  • Guaranteed Tier 1 credit scores 
  • Dominate real estate investing in any market you choose
  • Increase the number of hard money loans you can get at the same time
  • Cash flow your rentals with the lowest possible interest rates and fees
  • Fix and flip more properties faster
  • Park your properties on million dollar lines of credit
  • Stop spending money using credit partners for investment properties
  • Depend on experienced professionals you can trust to deliver promised results
  • Special bankruptcy and divorce recovery programs
  • Risk-free opportunity to improve your credit
Click on the link below to register for the free web presentation given by Merrill Chandler, the founder and chief strategist, to find out the different reasons your score is so low or has plateaued. 
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