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With recent interest rate spikes and the collapse of two major banks on both coasts, the economy seems to continue being on shaky ground.

To help Realty411 and REI Wealth magazine readers get the timeliest information and updates, we are hosting a series of Real Estate Investors Summits around the country.

At these events, guests will enjoy a Breakfast Networking Session, copies of both publications, and a chance to get all your real estate questions answered — in person.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect, learn and network live with like-minded investors ready to make their goals come true, too.

Here is your chance to learn proven strategies and techniques that can be implemented in your next real estate transactions. Join us for the opportunity to connect in person during a special morning mixer.


Don’t miss our next events:

April 1st — Philadelphia, PA

April 15th – West Los Angeles, CA

September 16th, – Arlington, Texas

We hope you can join us as we celebrate the incredible connections, we’ve made in our real estate investing career. – phone: 310.994.1962 – [email protected]