How A Handyman Flipped 37 Houses Last Year

My friend Anthony Patrick is going to be sharing the exact system he used to go from handyman to flipping 37 houses last year! (No joke, I’ve been to a bunch of his rehabs, he’s the real deal)

He’ll be at our Masters of Real Estate Expo on the 24th. So make sure and stop by to see him. He is a wealth of information and experience! (and a pretty funny guy to boot)

Anthony is known for no fluff, hands on training. He is in the trenches doing this business on a daily basis. He’s honed and perfected a system for finding, fixing and flipping houses like clockwork.

That’s why he’s one of the best people to take you from wherever you’re at to where you want to go!

But how will you get there, you ask? You’ll need a Roadmap!

Which is exactly why Anthony came up with this!

Anthony will be having a 3 day Bootcamp & Bus Tour in Rancho Cucamonga

from May 30th- June 1st.

He’s going to take you out in the field so you can learn hands on what he looks for in potential properties, and what he does during the rehab and re-sell process by checking out Anthony’s current projects.
If you’re serious about learning how to find, fix and flip properties like a pro and start cashing huge checks, you owe it to yourself to Check This OutYou can get all the details at,Linda Pliagas

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PS; I twisted Anthony’s arm and he agreed to get my people in for half price!! All you gotta do is use the promo code “Realty411″, the only catch is Anthony keeps the event pretty small and most of the tickets are gone. Sorry, but if you act quick you can probably still snag one!