Interest returns 8% to 12% on your money, 1st trust deeds, California properties below 70% ARV – Investment Flexibility $100K to $20M?

Invest in Real Estate Without Owning the Real Estate with Notes and JV (Joint Venture) on purchases of Fix and Flip Property Earnings. Mr. Rick Perez with Realty Capital Lending Group has 15 years of experience and expertise and is a licensed real estate agent.
His expertise is in financing balanced Investments on non-owner investor properties for rehab and resale of approximately 6 to 18 months. Finance of larger commercial structures is also available.

Property and borrowers are underwritten, borrower then invests his portion of funds in escrow, next the 1st Trust Deed investment is wired straight to the title insurance company that is insuring the grant deed through escrow.

A deed of trust and note for the funds are secured in the benefit of the money investor. Interest collected and interest earned reports are issued monthly to investors.


We would be happy to explain the pros and cons of investing in this manner and are open to business discussions with Hedge Funds, Money Managers, Private Investors, Self Directed IRA’s, and High Worth Individuals. 
Our company offers Individual Whole Note investing of all sizes from $100K to $3M, as well as on larger commercial project of $3M to $50M.
Lets Discuss, via phone or in person today!

If you’re a Fix and Flip investor, give us an opportunity to earn your business.     

Rick Perez
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