Santa Barbara, Calif. – Realty411, the nation’s most popular real estate investment magazine and expo company, is celebrating their new online and print issues with numerous events across the country.

From Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to San Jose, CA, and New York City to San Antonio, TX, Realty411 continues to lead the REI industry with their publications in print and online catering to both established, seasoned investors as well as up-and-coming real estate moguls who are continuing to expand their portfolios.

In addition to publishing Realty411 Magazine, a resource guide for investors of real estate since 2007 ( and ), the California-based company publishes a digital magazine (REI Wealth ), as well as a trade publication, Private Money411, and a special edition personal finance supplement, CashFlow Express.

Realty411’s expansive online readership is nearing 30,000 per issue online on a single website, Realty411 also has a print readership of 20,000, making its total online and offline readership 50,000.

Since 2010 upon the discoveries of several explosive online marketing strategies, Realty411’s viral presence has captivated readers across a dozen platforms, including numerous websites and online publication portals. Links of current and back issues are also regularly promoted to their expansive online and social media following.

Currently, Realty411 has the largest social media presence and followers of any other real estate investment magazine and is growing by thousands more monthly. Many of their nearly 60,000 online eventually end up at a Realty411 expo.

“I’ve been following Realty411 for many years, and I finally made it to one of their events,” said Sandra P., a recent expo guest at their Independence Conference in Marina del Rey, Calif., held on July 2nd. Sandra, a Facebook followers . Realty411 also moderates several online groups, platforms and networks as well.

In addition to the mainstream social media platforms online, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, Realty411 also has a popular presence on other less-used platforms such as Tumbler, My Space, Scrib, Quora, Scribd and others.

Realty411 has a goal to reach thousands of people with their expos and events for the next half of the year.

Currently, Realty411 has nine expos scheduled and more events will be announced soon. The calendar is as follows:

July 23rd – Santa Barbara, CA

July 30th – Ft. Lauderdale/ Boca Raton, FL

August 26th – Pleasanton, CA

August 27th – San Jose, CA

September 24th – Long Island, NY

October 7th – San Antonio, TX

Oct. 22nd – Las Vegas, NV

November 12th – Arlington, TX

December 3rd – Times Square, NYC

For venue locations, speaker information and more details, please see our websites at: and

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