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This is by Far The Most REVEALING, Round Table, CLOSED Door, NO Holds Barred, Discussion on How to INSANELY Transform Your Real Estate Business & Increase your Wealth That I have EVER Presented!

2017 is going to bring extraordinary opportunity to build MEGA WEALTH for the BEST TRAINED INVESTORS. The reason I know this to be true, is because while others are whining about the market “My Students” will be swooping in like starving vultures to “CONTROL” and BUY the crème de la crème deals because they will know how to:

#1. Structure deals using unconventional techniques of the affluent

#2. How to find motivated sellers in today’s market

#3. How to create instant credibility even if you have NO Experience or Money

#4. Buy Apartment Buildings & Commercial Property without credit or bank loans.

#5. How to attract wealthy Funding Partners.

#6. How to find Private Investors

#7. Creatively increase the value of property

#8. Explain to the Owner why they should do Seller Financing, so you do NOT need a BANK loan.


#10. Use unconventional contracts that put you in the driver’s seat and literally slashes liability.

#11. How to use a General Partnership that puts you in control with a Funding Partner.

#12. How to negotiate with a seller & have them accept your offer

#13. We will do true case studies on my actual closings.

#14. How to create your own TEAM

#15. How to start your very own Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm with NO Money

This information is “The Real Deal” and if you simply apply just one of the nuggets of wisdom I reveal in this 2.5 day presentation…you will most certainly see incredible results…your business will profit beyond your wildest dreams…. The bottom line is…YOU need to apply these strategic techniques that create exponential growth!

Think of it as getting access to the exact strategies I use to create Monthly Passive Income and Family Wealth.

Your business NEEDS this insider info and you would be just plain dumb if you didn’t take me up on this generous offer…

The Choice is Yours… You can continue to struggle to get ahead and keep on boo-hoo-ing about the competition OR you can LEARN from those of us who have gone against the grain and busted all barriers to stand alone as the TOP DOGS in this extraordinary business.

This letter could just be the “kick in ASSk that finally knocks your butt into Wealth Creating Gear.

Promise me one thing… be sure to send me your success story with a copy of your BIG FAT CHECK (and you’re going to have a few) of how these “Insider Secrets” skyrocket your real estate business and created true Family Wealth.

I have invested over $200,000.00 to learn these “Insider Secrets” and have been mentored by the best. Recently traveling to Scotland, Europe to spend 8 days with my mentor in his Castle with 55 rooms and a Golf Course.

Mentoring other investors to discover these savvy strategies and learn this methodology is my passion! I live to share my concepts and experience with serious students who are willing to INVEST in their training.

I love to watch them Create True Wealth and Passive Income. I will tell you the Brutal Truth in a blunt fashion that cuts the Bull Sh*t out and gets to the core of the techniques.


A little history on how I made it happen!


From Assistant to Broker


TOP 1% Agent


TOP 1% Agent


Owner of a Real Estate Brokerage


Flipping Houses


President of a Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm.

I have purchased over $75,489,000.00 worth of real estate including apartment buildings, commercial property, motels, commercial land, luxury estates.


Driving a Chevrolet


Driving a brand new S 550 Mercedes Benz & Range Rover.

From Living in a Tiny One Bedroom Apartment


Owning & Living in a $4,000,000.00 Luxurious Residence with Spectacular City Views. I welcome YOU into my world of Thinking BIG.

Vacationing in Motels


Owning a Gorgeous Ocean Front Villa with 5 Star Amenities

From Flying Coach


Flying in a Private Jet


I Walk My Talk!

And You Can Take That to The BANK!

I think you get the point that I don’t just “SPEAK” about real estate.

I actually work in it every day.

Other GURUS Charge up to $10,000 per day

Some Gurus charge $10,000.00 just to shadow them for a day. But I am actually going to sit down with you in a closed door, round table discussion in my office. This will be a NO Holds Barred event.


Since you are INVESTING in your education & training the *“COST” of attending this intimate event is “ZERO” and the “INVESTMENT” is ONLY $5.85 per day (i.e. put it on your credit card & that’s only about $5.85 a day).

Can you honestly say, “But, I can’t afford it?” CRAP! You WAIST more money at Starbucks for crying out loud. The Brutal Truth is you can’t afford NOT to attend! The total investment is a measly $1,997. You probably wasted more money on your Flat Screen TV and how much Wealth did that create for you?

Shameless Bribes (AKA BONUSES)

#1. If we partner & close on a deal, then I will personally refund your investment of $1,997 PLUS I will pay you a $2,000.00 cash bonus.

(YES, this means I will PAY YOU $1,997.00 PLUS $2,000.00. That’s $3,997.00 when we partner and close a deal!)

Question: What do you have to lose? Are you planning on closing just ONE deal in 2017, yes or YES? Then you know you will actually make an extra $3,997.00. So what do you possibly have to lose?

#2. You will participate (LIVE) in two months of FREE coaching calls with me Personally. That’s a $2,000.00 value. We will discuss dealing structuring, setting up your TEAM, Starting your Rea Estate Acquisition & Investment firm, negotiations, motivation, selling skills, communication skills, contract engineering, etc.

#3. YES, I am trying to shamelessly bribe you to attend my ROUND TABLE, CLOSED DOOR, NO HOLDS BARRED class because I want us to PARTNER on a deal and that is where YOU and I will make some serious money.

Can you clearly see that I am trying to make this as easy as possible? I truly want US to do serious business in 2016 & Beyond!

If you are a serious real estate professional and you know you want to create some mega wealth in 2016 & Beyond then I want to partner with you. But first you have to do your part. So simply call REALTY411 RIGHT NOW at (310) 994-1962 or email the publisher personally at: [email protected] and provide her with your credit card information. It’s that EASY!

I look forward to meeting you on Friday November 18th to Sunday in my Culver City Office.

Dedicated to Your Mega Success

Hector Padilla

PS. #1 If you think you have heard it all before and that this information is nothing new…you need this more than anyone! When you stop learning…you stop earning. I guarantee there are several things I will reveal that YOU ARE NOT DOING and you should be. There will be NO Other Speakers and I will NOT be selling CD’s, DVD’s, Software, Manuals or Books.