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Did you miss our last virtual expo? Did you experience difficulty logging in? Or, perhaps you simply want to review what you have already learned?

Here is your opportunity to learn from and their phenomenal line-up of educational speakers.

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Below is the agenda and starting time for each presentation:


  • Travis Abbott — Invest 1 Properties – TOPIC: Investing in Kansas City, MO – Start Time:0:08
  • Tony Watson — Robert Hall & Associates – TOPIC: Save Money on Taxes – Discover Strategies to Take Now – Start Time:1:01:58
  • Sensei Gilliland — Black Belt Investors – TOPIC: Create the Ultimate Rental Retirement Plan – Start Time: 1:52:10
  • Eric Tran — Universal Commercial Capital – TOPIC: Leverage and Do More Deals with Private Capital – Start Time: 2:54:45


  • Burton Alicando – PropStream® – TOPIC: Real-World Data & Tools for Investors – Start time: 0:01
  • Sunil TulsianI – Private Investment Club – TOPIC: FREE: Success Secret Audiobook + Other Great Resources – Start time: 1:07:54
  • Adiel Gorel – ICG Real Estate Investments – TOPIC: Optimal Real Estate Investments During COVID & Beyond – Start time: 1:32:46
  • Rusty Tweed – TFS Properties & Mold Zero – TOPIC: Coronavirus Outbreak and Its Effects on Rental Property and 1031 Exchanges – Start time: 2:34:36
  • Vinney Chopra – Best-Selling Author, Investor – 4100+ Units TOPIC: Ride the Silver Tsunami with Senior Assisted Living Facilities Start time: 3:37:15
  • Dr. Teresa R. Martin, ESQ. – REIA NYC TOPIC: Skyrocket Your Real Estate Business with Tools from the Leader of REIA NYC – Start time: 4:42:16

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