As you know, your network IS your net worth. The more connections you have, the more successful you’ll be in your endeavors. Would you like to expand your base of connections and gain new knowledge?

You’d be crazy not to!

Join Realty411 for their complimentary Phoenix Real Estate, Finance and Technology Expo on Saturday, April 11th! Network with tons of local and national leaders, and enjoy a full day of education from a variety of speakers, such as…

  • Dave Franeki of Capstone Realty (Rentals vs. Mortgage Notes: What to retire with, and why.)
  • Jim Beam of Lifeway Advisors (Leverage your money using their “Private Reserve Strategy”)
  • Mark Podolsky (Make a 500%+ return flipping something much less complicated than houses.)
  • And much, much more!

You’d normally pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to this kind of networking and content driven event, but with Realty411… tickets are complimentary (as always).

Space is limited, so register now for free tickets while they last! Click here:

Your complimentary tickets will be emailed to you, including more details and reminders.

Please mark your calendar, and “pay it forward” by sharing this information with everybody you know!