“It was great seeing you again at your event in Santa Barbara. Awesome line up and venue! I received a huge ROI on my time and learned great pearls of knowledge. I highly recommend your events to all my team and associates. Timely and valuable content from every presenter. Thanks again!”

~ David Brown, Branch Manager at HighTechLending, Inc


“Thank you so much for inviting me to the Realty411 Success Expo in West Los Angeles yesterday.  It was a delight meeting you.  You’re such a blessing.  I’ve learned so much from the Expo and made some great networks.  I hope to see you again soon at future real estate events.   Have a great weekend!”

Warm Regards,
Mara S., California Investor


” I just want to say thank you for the invitation to the La Jolla Real Estate Expo. The event was a great source of information and valuable contacts that I haven’t found at (other) fee seminars or at the local REI meetings.  I reconnected with some old friends and met some new potential collaborators. Thanks again. Keep me on your list. “

~ L.K., a guest at our La Jolla Real Estate Investor, Finance, and Tech Expo 2015


I want to express such great gratitude to Linda Pliagas and her magazine, Realty411. In my opinion, they are the best resource across the country, in regards to connecting with Honest People in the real estate industry.

Linda Pliagas is the real deal and has helped me tremendously in pointing me in the right direction for my goals in real estate, which I am confident she does for others as well.

Linda’s warm heart has enabled me to propel my goals even faster than if I were to do them on my own. So many of the real estate investors in California and other states would not easily give up their “secrets”, but Linda has directed me to people who are actually doing deals on a regular basis.

Kudos to Linda and her organization for all the great connections I’ve made!

~ Erik V., Los Angeles investor


“Thanks again for always creating such great events and looking out for us investors!”

~ Sabrina B., California investor


“Dear Linda, I’d like to thank you for putting together such an informative and great event. I am so honored to have met you and the rest of the great sponsors.”

~ Sara Oswald, Realtor/Investor


“The NYC Realty411 expo was a great event for our real estate investing publication!

Not only were attendees happily subscribing to our online newsletter, we left the day with several fantastic new connections for business partnerships.

We congratulate Linda and her team on putting together a well organized event and look forward to attending again!”

– Shelli Trung, Founder, Investors Beat


“Hi Linda,

I am now your biggest fan!  You know how to run successful real estate event.   Once again, WELL DONE!


Warmest Regards,

Chee T., investor from San Jose


“Hello Linda,

My name is Doris Logan and I attended your conference this past weekend, in which I wanted to thank you for holding such an event. I am new investor who is still trying to gain knowledge on the business, and I really appreciate events like these.  I just wanted to take the time out and personally thank you for this.

So again, thank you!  Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you soon.”

Best wishes,
Doris L.
Los Angeles investor


“Linda has provided our company many avenues to market our brand to her huge following of Realty411Guide’s Magazine, expos, events, and eblasts. Linda understands the importance of marketing and allows sponsors to be creative in showcasing its philosophy. It has been a delight to know and work with Linda over this past year. We all know that more marketing means more money so if you need more money/orders/clients/customers/sales, look to Linda for your marketing needs.”

Crystal Han
Owner, 360Investments.Net

 “Linda Pliagas from Realty411 Magazine is the best in the business.  If you are serious about real estate investing forget the rest and go to the best. Linda’s events are absolutely AMAZING!.” 

– Bruce Dinger, CEO and Game Changer

“In the last year we have spent around $100K on other so called ‘Big Name Events’, and quite honestly, Realty411 is dramatically more effective than most, for a fraction of the price.”

Stephan Piscano, founder of
an online real estate marketplace and social network

 “Linda – The San Jose Expo was a great success! I made a lot of valuable connections. Thank you for hosting such a well-promoted event! I networked all weekend at the San Jose EXPO, and made lots of great connections. In the words of real estate radio personality Robert Helms: “You are just one relationship away from an explosion in your business!”

Mark Hanf, owner
Pacific Private Money,


“Linda is very professional – very focused , honest and hardworking”

~Krishan C.
Real Estate Investor

Thanks a bunch for inviting me to the Santa Barbara REIA this weekend. Great group, and I enjoyed giving the presentation. Already sold a few units of the Motel 6 opportunity!! Eager to work with you on the San Francisco event. Also, on the Los Angeles event and even Canada? I’ll support you anywhere you go!

Best wishes for profitable investments,

Richard Barrett,
June 7, 2011


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have been in my life the last few months.  You have made such an impact! 

 I have sold houses from our first event.  I am sure I am going to sell from Irvine too.  Your introduction to a VIP industry affiliate is also going to help me sell more houses, which will help my Ohio and California Teams.

 I hope as many blessings come to you as we are receiving from you! I promise to be one of your BEST customers.

Missy McCall Hammonds
CEO -Turnkey Investments


“Entrust has been involved with Linda’s magazine, Realty 411 with articles, interviews, and advertising. We have found Linda to be a true professional and happily recommend her and her services.” (written September 21, 2009)

Lisa Moren Bromma, Advisor/Former President, The Entrust Group


“Linda is the hardest working and most innovative professional that we work with. Her marketing expertise, magazine (Realty411), propositions, etc… have helped my business tremendously. If you are in the real estate business, you need to know Linda!”  (written in March 28, 2010)

Chris Donaldson, Member, Premier Equity Group, LLC


“Linda is an excellent person to work with and her magazine, Realty411, provides real estate investors excellent in-depth knowledge and opportunities that enable them to become more aware of information about the industry. Linda is a wonderful consultant for event planning seminars and marketing because of her outstanding network, industry knowledge, and professionalism. I highly recommend companies to consider Linda’s magazine as a source of marketing because of the proven results she has delivered for many in the industry.”

Joe Guardado, Los Angeles resident and former REI Director

“Very few Publishers go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their clients are successful. Linda Pliagas of Realty 411 Magazine does more for her clients than they ever bargained for, including personally promoting their product or service at trade shows and seminars without the client even asking. If you have a real estate related advertising/publishing need of any type you would do well to advertise with Linda in her print and electronic publications. If you like a personal touch with professional results, give Linda a try.” 

Ron Black, owner, Texas Investor Homes


“Linda is a hard working woman with tremendous integrity. I love her real estate magazine as a reader, and I’ve found many benefits advertising in it. I’ve also worked closely with Linda as she is consulting me and my partner from another company on publishing an SEO and Internet Marketing print magazine. On top of all of that, she is an absolute sweetheart.” 

Michael Gier, Owner, Nationwide Property Investments


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Linda as a real estate investor and she has also assisted me with marketing and advertising advice and assistance for my new book. Linda has always been fun and easy to talk to and bounce ideas with. She is one of the people that make this business so much fun. I am blessed to have her knowledge and expertise in my corner. I can only feel sympathy for those who have not worked with her but it really is their loss.” 

Matt Malouf, Residential Re-developer, Prudential California Realty


“Linda is committed to my success as one of her advertisers and always brings unsolicited extra value to every project. She is fun and easy to work with and I would recommend her services and her magazine, Realty 411, to anyone looking for incredible returns on their investment.” 

Mallory Nicholson, author, REALTOR, entrepreneur


“Linda and I have partnered on some joint ventures, and I have found her both creative and tenacious in promoting real estate investing, and helping fellow investors. I respect her, and recommend her without reservation as someone worth doing business with.”

Tom Dunn, Owner, LucidPage




“I so appreciate your wonderful referrals. I couldn’t have done it without Realty411.”

Sabrina Brown, Investor

Jazzy Real Estate


Hello Linda,

Your wealth expo was awesome! I really enjoyed it, I was there from the first speaker to the last speaker, it was just GREAT!

Best regards,
Ricardo Valencia
investor client and fan


(the testimonial below was written to someone else about an event we hosted and marketed)


Hi K…..;

This is Lawrence and we met at the Self Storage Seminar that the OC Investors Club. We only spoke briefly, but you recommended a show happening in Culver City. Well, I went to that thing and it was AWESOME!! I’m just writing to say ‘thank you’ for that, and if you know of any other events like this, please let me know.

I am NOT a seminar junkie, but the opportunities to network were really amazing.

I hope you’re having a good weekend and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care.

-L in Los Angeles

Investor and New Realty411 Fan


It was a pleasure meeting you in person yesterday.

Thank you for hosting the event.

It was a total success!

Congratulations! =D

~Miguel Angel, Investor and Agent



“Linda, just wanted to let you know I totally respect and admire your drive and ability to see the potential in things. Realty 411 is a brilliant concept and magazine.”
Studied Major Bible Minor Missions at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College



“Linda has an incredible talent for finding the right property for the investor/buyer. She has impressed me with her professionalism, attention to detail, and most of all, her dedication to meeting her clients needs. Linda has closed over $5,000,000+ in Texas alone and I have had the pleasure of working with her on many of these transactions.” 

Michelle Fennegan, Owner, The Fennegan Group, Inc., 2005


 “I would like to thank Linda Pliagas for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share with me the world of real estate investments. Realty 411 has been a blessing to me and my investing endeavors. And for something that was once a daunting task…. I can see and understand that real estate investments are now doable, and the best opportunity for securing my personal growth and wealth for me and my family. Thanks to Linda, and her team over at Realty 411….. I am actively pursuing my investment property goals….”

Willie Jenkins, CPIinc., Lic#913123


 “In a short time I’ve seen Linda leverage the properties she owns into more investment properties both in and out of California. As a loan officer, I am very interested in investing in real estate myself, and Linda has inspired me to start looking at more opportunities. She is very focused on her goals and pays attention to the details in her transactions. The numbers MUST work for her to move forward. She has an excellent mind for business and a great facility for working with people and being clear about what she wants to communicate. I have told her many times that she inspires me and shows me that we women can be enormously successful in real estate investing. In a word Linda is: Awesome!”

-Robin Saterlee
Former Mortgage Officer & Real Estate Investor

“I followed Linda’s advice and purchased in the Arizona market at just the right time. As a result the three properties I purchased appreciated nearly 40 percent each! This year, I moved into a new market, again following Linda’s guidance. Now, I’m selling off my starter condos and moving into apartment buildings that leave me better CASH FLOW! I think that Linda gives exceptionally sound real estate advice.”

-Patrizza Jimenez, 2005
Brooklyn, New York
Real Estate Investor, Author, Notary


“Linda is a genuinely good-hearted person who is passionate about helping others build their wealth by investing in out-of-state property, just as she has.”

-Hector Padilla
President, HP Capital Investments, Inc.
A Real Estate Acquisition Company


“Love your comments. You know what real estate is about.”

-Glen Wilson
Tax Specialist, 30-Year Veteran Real Estate Investor, and Author of “Faster Real Estate Profits with Partners: A Shortcut to the Top of the Real Estate Mountain.”


“Thank you for motivating me into buying more real estate. Thanks to you and your referral, I found the perfect property! Thank you for making me realize that I could indeed do it.”

-Carlos Cardona
Account Executive in California

We have more testimonials for your review, should you wish additional resources.

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