After 17 years, Realty411 is still growing and expanding!

Currently, our national network is one of the largest of any real estate media company, reaching investors on multiple websites and with two real estate media brands, Realty411 and REI Wealth.

We have reached tens of thousand of investors with our publications, in-person and virtual events over the past 17 years. As an example, our last annual Los Angeles GRAND Real Estate Expo, held on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2023, which we host every year with two other REI groups, was attended by over 800 investors from around the nation.

So far, over 24,000 guests have registered for our events, according to statistics from Eventbrite, see below.

Our virtual industry expo had nearly 4,000 registered engagements on one platform alone, see below.


Our print and digital magazines have reached as many as 40,000 readership per single-copy issue — 30,000 online and 10,000 in print, see below.

Reaching investors personally is important for Realty411. Our numerous events went virtual during the pandemic, which exponentially grew our database of investors around the nation and globe. Our outreach is viral and extensive reaching new and established landlords, real estate groups, real estate professionals, private lenders, and niche real estate investors.

We specialize in real estate news, marketing and education. We have been proudly sharing our knowledge since 2007.

Please contact us for advertising and marketing information so that we can learn more about your company’s needs, budget restraints and focus/goals. BOOK A MEETING with a Realty411 representative for a complimentary marketing and advertising review.

We have two long-standing publications: Realty411, plus our digital issue designed for online readership: REI Wealth magazine, which is now also available in print as a special-edition publication. Please read our “Testimonials” page to review the comments of our many long-term clients. Thank you for your interest in our media company.

For advertising information, please phone us directly: (805) 693-1497 or text us: 310.994.1962. You can also reach us via email: [email protected]. Alternatively, you may also contact us via Drift on this website. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your interest.

Linda Pliagas, publisher

BOOK A MEETING with a Realty411 representative for a complimentary marketing and advertising review.