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WEBINAR: Invest in Apartment Buildings – RSVP Here.

{ Sponsored webinar with Hector Padilla, President of HP Capital Investments, Inc. } I’ve been hustling, day in and day out for almost 20 years in the Real Estate game. Most of the time I was quiet about my success. You can say, that I’ve ‘made it’ because I have FINANCIAL and TIME Freedom. I have a happy family life and I could choose to retire today if I wanted to. It’s not about that. The hustle gives me a high.. Plus, I like surrounding myself with like-minded people. I will be holding a FREE webinar on May 24...

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BREAKING BLOG: Dealing With “Balloon” Payments

Article by Bruce Kellogg The allure of low entry payments can often lead risk-prone investors to take on financial burdens that they may be unable to sustain later. It is crucial that investors of all levels fully understand the terms, conditions, and rates before signing financial obligations. The following are some key points to keep in mind when considering a non-traditional mortgage. “Amortizing” Versus “Balloon” Notes An “amortizing” note is one where the principal amount is paid off over the term of the loan. A “balloon” note is one where the payments are not sufficient to retire the debt,...

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REAL, RAW & RIVETING – Hector Padilla Shares Insight from His $86M in Deals at the ROCKSTAR Expo in Los Angeles

To RSVP and secure complimentary tickets, while they last, CLICK HERE. “I Don’t Know Where I’m Going from Here, But I Promise It Won’t be Boring.” ~ David Bowie The RockStar Real Estate Investor Expo & Property Tour in Los Angeles Gives Investors A Chance to Learn from Respected Local Leaders Who Are Living the Rockstar Lifestyle Thanks to a Golden Real Estate Market LEARN THE 411 YOU CANNOT GET ELSEWHERE – TIPS THAT ONLY ACTIVE ACCREDITED INVESTORS CAN SHARE This Event is Our Gift To You – Enjoy Complimentary Admission, Breakfast, Appetizers, Magazines, Networking, Exclusive Access to Top...

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Ryan Stewman, a.k.a – The Hardcore Closer to Lead the Lone Star Expo on Sept. 15th in Arlington, TX

For complimentary tickets to this amazing day, plus VIP tickets, Please Click Here. “Everything is a negotiation. Everything is a little bit of give and take.” ~Lamman Rucker   Successful people learn to negotiate early on. They realize young that the art of negotiation influences outcomes and results. Whether it’s dealing a multimillion dollar acquisition or influencing a partner to invest in a certain market, real estate entrepreneurs can never go wrong brushing up on time-tested sales systems, and strategies designed to sway. Realty411, the longest-running complimentary magazine for investors of real estate, has a large social media following...

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