Hello Investor;

The Insider Info…

If you’ve ever wanted to get in on the next big thing before anyone else even heard about it, your turn is now. Brandon Barnum, a colleague of mine, is the president of Refer.com and he just let me in on some insider information.

Your Opportunity…

Refer.com is launching the next version of what is already known as the World’s #1 Referral Marketing System.

Their invitation only network already has top-notch trusted business owners and professionals in over 130 countries.

As part of their global launch, they have been quietly selecting local professionals to partner with and promote as their exclusive “Preferred Pro”

Those chosen will be endorsed and promoted to the entire Refer.com member base for 5 full years as the exclusive Preferred Pro for that industry and area.

What does it mean to become a Preferred Pro?

You’ll be promoted as THE local trusted expert in your profession

Introductions by a major brand like Refer.com to high-profile complementary professionals in your market

Exclusivity as the only official Refer.com Preferred Pro in your industry and area for the next 5 years

Referrals and recommendations through Refer’s private Concierge Service

As you would expect, Refer.com is being very selective in who they promote, but the good news is that Brandon has agreed to consider a select few from my Real Estate audience as Refer.com “Preferred Pros”

That means you can lock up an exclusive market and become the only professional Preferred Pro that Refer.com recommends for your industry and area for 5 years.

So if you..

Are you a realtor tired of giving away tons of referrals, but not getting many back?

Are you a mortgage broker looking for financial planners and other professionals to promote you to their client base?

Are you a Real Estate Professional looking to take your business to the next level?

Brandon is going to give a special overview of the Preferred Pro promotion plan on Thursday 08/24 at 11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern so you can double your business through referrals.

Grab a spot now. They fill up quickly!

So if you want to get endorsed and promoted by a major brand like Refer.com, be sure to click the link below and register for the special overview.