TRIPLE YOUR SUCCESS – Meet Us at Three Expos in So Cal next month.

TRIPLE YOUR SUCCESS – Meet Us at Three Expos in So Cal next month.


ATTENTION: Join Realty411 in a city near you and learn from the most successful investors in the industry. We have the “Inside Connection” so you can learn from the PROS.

These exclusive appearances are tailored to teach you the skills and strategies to expedite your affluence and influence.

We are honored to feature Chris Clothier with Memphis Invest as our Keynote Speaker for ALL 3 California Expos: In Newport Beach on April 21st, Pasadena on April 22nd, and Marina del Rey on April 23rd

Join us to celebrate the upcoming release of his brand new book!


NEWPORT BEACH – Thursday, April 21st – 10 am to 6 pm
Fire Your Boss for the Day and Come Work It Here.
Investor Forum and B2B Real Estate Expo CLICK HERE
Private VIP Golf Game to follow at 6 pm

PASADENA – Friday, April 22nd- 10 am to 5 pm
Find the Funds You Need to Close Deals
Celebrate Our Private Money411 Issue CLICK HERE
Mingle with REI Leaders in Old Town Pasadena

MARINA DEL REY – Saturday, April 23rd – 10 am to 5 pm
Learn from Accredited in Investors in Marina del Rey
Indoor Education & Outdoor Networking CLICK HERE
This is the Coastal City Where It All Started


Silicon Valley Real Estate Expo

East Coast Real Estate Expo in Long Island

Midwest Real Estate Expo in Chicago

Lone Star Real Estate Expo in Houston
Nearly 100 paid guests for this charity expo so far!

Realty411 expos had over 250,000 views in 2015, according to

Our upcoming national expos feature exclusive presentations by incredible educators. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

TOP: Learn from Hector Padilla (Left) who mentored the publisher of Realty411 magazine when she started as an agent in real estate 14 years ago. Linda was Hector’s first broker’s assistant. Later, he helped Linda’s family negotiate numerous real estate transactions. Hector is a top-producing broker in Southern California. He has personally purchased nearly $65,000,000 worth of real estate and as a broker has successfully closed over 1,000 transactions.

His most recent deal: He flipped a PARKING LOT in Los Angeles, which he purchased for $75,000 and sold it for $1.375 Million in 1 YEAR.

(Right): Do you want to skyrocket your portfolio and life? It’s time to program your mind for maximum results and productivity. Will Duquette, master hypnotist and millionaire investor, will show you how to take it to the next level.

TOP: Tamera Aragon has been in the industry for many years, yet she doesn’t speak on stage anymore. Well, Tamara has agreed to educate Realty411 guests and you are in for a real estate delight. Tamera is one of the few educators doing deals in California. Don’t miss her at our San Jose Expo.

(Right): Dennis Henson is the founder of AREA in Arlington, one of the most influential clubs in Texas. Additionally, he oversees numerous real estate transactions and has one of the largest real estate meetup clubs in the country.

TOP: GET IN, GET OUT AND GET PAID! Todd Dotson has also been in the REI Industry a long time, and he really doesn’t even do public appearances anymore; however, he has agreed to join us for a Limited Engagement.

(Right) Leonard Rosen normally leads hundreds of private lenders at his influential Pitbull Hard Money conferences, but we lured him to speak so he can share his incredible knowledge of online and social media marketing with our guests on April 21st in Newport Beach. You don’t want to miss this B2B event.

TOP: Are you interested in acquiring a self storage facility? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Kevin Rollings is a successful operator who has a true passion for educating students on how they can also profit in this unique niche.

(Right): Laura Al-Amery is committed to helping her students around the country become successful in real estate just as she has. Laura has real estate clubs around the country: Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis.

As founder of the East Coast Real Estate Investors Association Carl Schiovone is responsible for educating hundreds of his members in the Long Island area. Carl has a sincere passion to helping investors and real estate agents reach their full potential. Don’t miss Carl at our Long Island Expo.

(Right): Kaaren Hall is president of uDirect IRA Services, one of the fastest-growing IRA companies in the industry today. Kaaren is a master networker and hosts OC REIA every month. Come network with us!

International real estate investor and best-selling author Dolf de Roos hasn’t spoken on stage in years, but he has already committed to speak at the Lone Star Real Estate Expo in Houston, Texas. Join us for this incredible expo benefiting Camp Hope + network with club directors from around the country.

(Right): Sensei Gilliland is the founder of Black Belt Investors and 12 Rounds, a group of real estate investment clubs in Southern California. Sensei will be sharing his wisdom at our Silicon Valley Expo and other selected cities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to Increase the ROI on Your REI by learning the strategies that the wealthy already know and use to grow their wealth faster, plus at the same time add stability and liquidity to their portfolio.

Join us for this exclusive presentation with Jim Beam and Rebecca Rice with Rebecca Rice and Associates. We will see you here.

Did you know that investors may be able to buy personal and real property that has been lost through bankruptcy for less money? Manny Singh and his son, Jaitegh, are educating guests about this process at many of our live events.
Join Linda Pliagas (Top), the publisher of Realty411 magazine, and learn new tips, techniques and strategies to skyrocket your real estate portfolio and life. Linda has been a real estate agent for over 14 years and started her first national magazine in 1993. Linda has also been a landlord for over 20 years.

When celebrities, CEOs and VIPs want to learn about the stock market, they call upon Tyrone Jackson (Top Right) for assistance. A frequent guest on radio and TV shows, and a respected Huffington Post blogger, Tyrone educates his students on how to earn thousands of dollars each month as traders.

Do you want to network with Realty411 fans, friends and subscribers,


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