By Hannah Ash

Larry Goins doesn’t know it all. “When it comes to real estate, the learning never stops,” he tell me. When one of the country’s leading investors pauses for a moment of self-reflection, it’s worth a listen.

“You can learn something from everybody you meet,” he tells me. It’s one of the secrets to his success in real estate; he’s always on the hunt for a way to do it better. “Just this week, I attended two webinars,” he casually remarks. I must admit: I’m taken aback.

For someone who has been engaged in all aspects of real estate since the 1980’s, Larry Goins isn’t full of the slam-dunk advice one might expect; instead, his advice is to ask questions and keep an open mind. That’s what he does, he says. He wants to know how he can do better and wants to meet people who can teach him how; he is full of stories of things he’s learned this week and this month.

For a man who once served as president of the Metrolina ReIA and is a mortgage lender, real estate broker, agent and licensed general contractor, one would think he might just want to rest. Mr. Goins, however, is one of those rare breeds who love what they do so much, it doesn’t feel like he’s working a job. Goins’s work is stacking up success after success and helping others find their own successes along the way.

Mr. Goins has a motto, “People and principles before profits.” When he’s not working, he’s with his family. I ask if they share his interest for real estate. His 17 year old daughter loves equestrianism, he says, “and she regularly takes to the ring, riding in shows”. Goins also has a son and wife. “My 9 year old son is already a hard money lender,” he laughs. When it comes to his wife, it’s not much different, “Pam is a hard money lender too. She also gives of her time generously by leading her church’s food pantry organization.” Both altruistic and driven to succeed, it should come as no surprise that he’s found a way to marry his two loves together; family and success. Following in suit, Goins has seamlessly merged his love of successful real estate investing and his love of educating into a dream job. He works with a large team of professionals who are all as excited about real estate as he is. Based in his scenic hometown of Lake Wylie, South Carolina, The Goins Group focuses on education while his Investors Rehab is all about actively buying and selling a lot of real estate.

A published author, his first book, Real Estate Day Trading, is available in bookstores everywhere. HUD Homes Half Off, his newest release, is available on Amazon and through his website. In his free time, Goins regularly hosts seminars, webinars and gives interviews as a way to motivate other investors to get serious about their money. Goins’ real estate blog is full of well-crafted tips for new and seasoned investors.

An apprenticeship in real estate investment is the best way to describe what Goins and his team offer students. You can’t get a college degree in real estate investing, but, Goins says, “you can latch onto someone experienced whom you trust to start learning.” He and his team, in many ways, operate like a trade school. There are books to read, active mentors, seminars and real-world investing experience through Investors Rehab.

For investors looking to get started or looking for a new edge, The Goins Group aims to serve. Each week, the business advisors Larry trusts to work alongside him in his office, check in with students to touch base, answer questions and provide some motivation. Goins says he too gets on the phone and talks to his students whenever necessary.

The skills his investors learn, Goins says, can change lives. “Real estate is what you make of it”, Goins explains, and his programs work for everyone; his clients come from all walks of life. One of his students, Alon, a pediatrician currently living in New York City, is working with Larry to diversify his investments and bring in some extra cash flow. Another client is a former prisoner who was able to change the direction of his life forever. “Do your techniques work?”, I ask. The proof is in the pudding: the hundreds and hundreds of letters and video testimonials that Goins and his team proudly receive each year say it all. As an active real estate investor, Goins has a simple approach to buying real estate; his philosophy is one that most investors can rally behind, “I buy houses. I don’t get sold houses.” Goins says people often say to him, “Wow! That’s a great deal. Where’d you find it?” goins explains, “I tell them: it wasn’t a good deal when I found it. We created the deal.” Investors Rehab, the investing arm of his business, attracts all types of investors. Whether it’s an investor looking for a great deal or someone he’s mentored, Investors Rehab has no shortage of buyers.

To create such good deals, Goins and his devoted team are always on the hunt for property to buy. He estimates they make a jaw-dropping 2,000 to 3,000 offers a week; they purchase 10-15 properties a month through their office. Once an offer has been accepted, his dedicated team gets three repair estimates and conducts a comparative market analysis. The properties Goins buys and sells aren’t “turn-key,” he says, they are what he has dubbed, “learn-key.”

Learn key? “That’s right,” Goins tells me, “Learn-key means you learn as you earn.” Investors buy properties for great prices that need a bit of work, and thanks to the research the Goins team does beforehand, they know about how much work will be needed before a property is rental-ready or can be flipped. The legwork goins’ team does takes away some of the risk for new investors and is a great help to seasoned investors. “Learn-key properties come with instant equity while turn-key properties come with instant cash flow”, goins explains. He wants investors to get the most equity they can out of a deal. Simply stated, learn key teaches investors to fish whereas turn key gives investors the fish.

Larry Goins, and his career in real estate, stand apart from the rest. His continuous drive to perfect his craft, learn better ways of doing things and new challenges to win is both inspirational and rare. Though his son and wife have an obvious interest in real estate, perhaps his daughter’s interest in horseback riding indicates that she too hasn’t fallen far from the Goins tree either; in both real estate and riding, there are always different horses to tame, new challenges to tackle and techniques that can be improved upon.

“Keep Learning. Take action.” Goins says. Just as in horseback riding, in real estate you can’t go far unless you saddle up and start riding. Since this is an article about a man driven to help others, it should come as no surprise that he’s decided to offer our readers his book about buying HUD Homes Half Off free of charge to our readers. Think of it as a nudge to take action from Larry himself.

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