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With only one week away, investors, agents, lenders, and entrepreneurial wealth builders from around the nation are registering for Realty411’s
INTERACTIVE Investor & Industry Expo.

Beginning at 8:30 am on March 20th and 21st, guests will enjoy a NEW
dynamic technology designed for maximum engagement.

This UNIQUE and INTERACTIVE online expo will provide real estate
investors, brokers/agents/lenders and service professionals a new,
tech-driven way of connecting within’s “Virtual World”.




Realty411’s Virtual Expo Network will include the following game-
changing features:

(1) Virtual Lobby Session Tracks
(2) Forum for ongoing discussion before, during and after
(3) Chat (Group, Private, Video and AI-Chatbot)
(4) Multiple Webinars to Enjoy, Plus LIVE Streaming by Session Tracks
(5) Social Live – Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope Live, etc.
(6) Marketing Analytics for the Best Qualified Leads
(7) Private Expo Network Exchange to Connect Multiple Virtual Expos for Maximum Networking

Be sure to explore this amazing new platform and technology today, please register.

After registration, guests can explore the platform and get ready to
CONNECT LIVE and in real time with amazing experts on March 20th
and 21st, beginning at 8:30 am:

Be sure not to miss this exciting event introducing the eZ-Xpo technology. Guests have already signed up from around the nation.

In addition, this important event will allow individuals to engage with industry experts in real time via chat, as well as live stream

For questions or to inquire about speaking at a future Realty411 virtual industry event, please contact us: 805.693.1497.