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By Tamera Aragon

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” ~ Steuart Henderson Britt


Classified ads are a good cost /effective way to reach property sellers in Pre-foreclosure, and Pre-default. Secondary niches who you will find contact you from your ads are Absentee Owners, Probate and bankruptcy. Classified ads are also good for selling any type of property.

Classified Real Estate Marketing Keys to Success:

  • Ensure that your headlines command attention and virtually DEMAND that your prospects take action.
  • You have to be UNIQUE. What do you have or do that makes you stand out from the chatter of the ever-increasing crowd?
  • Write as you speak rather than as a professional “Report Writer”.
  • Don’t sell the prevention, sell the cure. As Jay Abraham says, “Nobody wants the 1/4 inch drill. What they want is a 1/4 inch hole.”
  • Take all the risk away from a buying decision by making an IRON-CLAD guarantee & STICK to it.
  • Cover concerns and likely objections of your TARGET audience.
  • Test your copy and your advertisements before you start to roll them out on a large scale.

Remember…Suspect = Prospect = Customer = Client = Raving Fan…and maybe even a friend.

Classified Advertising Estimated Costs

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Print Ads: The costs for print classified ads are not cheap. But when we look are our ROI, (Return on Investment), this form of advertising makes us money. We spend about $800 a month which is also $10,000 a year on newspaper ads and we bring in an average of 4 deals a year netting us $100k annually. That is getting my money back 10 times!!!

Online Ads: There are many online classified ad spaces to place your ads and many are free. I always place my property on and To get your information out to many online advertising resources very quickly, I recommend a free service at

Print Classified Advertising Steps Involved

Here are the steps to follow in placing print classified ads:

  • Website searches: or Search the term “newspapers” by your city, state online via Google or Yahoo.
  • Personal Touch: Contact the Chamber for your niche city and ask for information on Main Newspapers and smaller Neighborhood Newspapers like the Penny Saver or Fickle Nickel; etc…and get the Name, Phone Number and Website address’s for each one.
  • Then look at the each newspaper under real estate wanted & Real Estate Finance/Services. Check out what other investors are doing.
  • Call all the newspapers and find out the following:
    • Circulation: where does the paper go and how many are delivered
    • Ask if they have any special days or sections catered to real estate. For instance, our paper is Wednesday and Sundays.
    • What is the cost for an ad you have created to run 1 week? You can work with them on making changes to the ad to get the price down.
    • Ask if they have any specials available right now. If so what?
    • Create your ad with the representative on the phone
    • Be sure and ask for proof prior to printing if at all possible.

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  • Run an ad for 1 month in the most popular print ad spaces. This will allow you to really understand what kind of response you get. You can do 1 at a time or do 2 to 3 at once (depending on how busy you want to be and your budget
  • When you get calls always do the following:
    • Answer the phone. Or if you can’t answer the phone, it would be best to use an answering service.
    • Keep track of your leads by asking where the seller saw your add
    • Also ask the seller: “What was it about my ad that made them want to call me.”
  • If you not receiving any calls it could be that the ad you placed is the reason. At this point it is best to tweak the ad a little and put it back out there.
  • Once you do the tracking for a month see which one brought in the most leads and stick with that one.
  • Repeat the process when necessary.


Sample Classified Real Estate Ads

I bet you have these burning questions on your mind: So what actually do you advertise or How should my ad look? Here are a few sample ads that have worked for me!


*SW 215/Durango*
3bd/2.5ba + loft $1485mo.
Call 380-7848

Why rent when you can
Bad Credit ok!
5 bedroom/2 bath
Newly Remodeled.
Granite Fireplace
Hardwood Floors
10% down/ $1495/mo.
Call Now! xxx-xxx

*SW 215/Durango*
Lease 2 Own
3bd/2.5ba + loft
$5000/down $1485/mo.
$200/mo credit towards
purchase Call 380-7848

AIRPORT *Brand New!
4/2, 1965sf, pool, park,
Tennis +upgrades, $7000
Down, $1695mo$200/mo

2725 Telegraph Ave
Lease 2 Own
3bd/1ba. Built-in pool.
$15K/down $1600/mo.
$300/mo credit towards
Purchase. Call 649-7586

2725 Telegraph Ave
Lease 2 Own
3bd/1ba. Built-in pool.
$15K/down $1600/mo.
$300/mo credit towards
purchase. Bad Credit ok.
Call 649-7586

SAMPLE: FOR SALE 100K and Under

Fixer upper. Large Lot.
Hazelton and Fresno
in Stockton.
Make Offer. Xxx-xxxx


Don’t Pass. It Won’t Last!
MUST SELL! Newly Remodeled.
4Bed 3Bath. 2 story
Covered Patio, Built in BBQ
Hardwood & Tile Floors
Otto & Estate Area
$189K or BO 209-957-6971

Don’t Pass. It Won’t Last!
MUST SELL! Newly Remodeled.
5 Bedrooms 2 Bathroom. Covered Patio.
Granite Fireplace. Hardwood Floors.
Lower Sacramento & Hammer Lane
$149K. Make an offer! Xxx-xxx

Need a home to call your Own?
4 bedroom/2 bath
Newly Remodeled.
Tile Floors, build in BBQ
Owner must sell! xxx-xxxx


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Newspaper Section – Real Estate or Finance/Services

I’ll Buy or Lease Your House Within 48 Hours or Tell You Why No One Else Will
Ask for Marge xxx-xxx-xxxx
We’ll Buy Your Home Today!!!
Don’t Make Another Payment
Ask for Mark xxx-xxx-xxxx
Do You Own An Unwanted Home?
Free Consultation
Sell Today
Call Dave xxx-xxx-xxxx
Kristie Buys Houses
Immediate Debt Relief
Locally Owned and Operated

Newspaper Section – Wanted Real Estate

Payment Assistance
We Buy and Lease Houses
Don’t Delay, Call Today
Bryson xxx-xxx-xxxx

Behind on Payments?
Need Immediate Help?
Call today for free consultation
Area Specialist Buys Real Estate
Little or No Equity OK
Cash or Terms
Prices Quoted By Phone
Dana xxx-xxx-xxxx

Payment Assistance
We Buy and Lease Houses
Don’t Delay Call Today
Bryson xxx-xxx-xxxx

Can’t Sell Your House?
Behind on Payments
Little or No Equity?
I can Help!
Call Jordan xxx-xxx-xxxx
Free Report
How to Sell Your Home in 3 Days or Less
Any Area or Condition
AC xxx-xxx-xxxx
Real Estate Workouts
Problem Ownership is My Specialty
Call Roscoe xxx-xxx-xxxx

Corporate Leases Needed
Your Home May Qualify
Don’t Make Another Payment
Ask for Perry xxx-xxx-xxxx

Newspaper Section – Financial/Real Estate Services

Immediate Debt Relief

Stuck with a house payment you can’t afford?
Stuck with a house you no longer want?
Call Sue @ 777-444-1111

CALL: xxx-xxxx

0 stress, 0 cost to you. Sell for cash in 72 hours.
Foreclosure OK. We can even help you move.
Husband/Wife team in CA since ’80.
Extensive references. Call John & Judy, xxx-xxxx

In 48 Hours!
Any area, price or condition
Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Newspaper Section – Homes Wanted to Buy

Executive investor wants to buy a nice home
in a nice area on a lease purchase option.
Call Tom @ 777-444-1111

Want out? Give us a shout�
We buy houses
Phone number
Website address

Classified Ads Conclusion

These are just a few ideas that I hope will get you going in the right direction understanding the key to receiving any kind of leads is “advertising”. Important Real Estate Adverting Tip: Ads should be in the local newspaper everyday. (You cant catch any fish if your line is not in the water). Classified ads are a good inexpensive way to do just that. Spread the news!


Tamera Aragon is a professional online entrepreneur and has bought and sold over 300 properties, establishing her as an expert in the real estate investing field. Since 2003, she has purchased over 10 million dollars in real estate and currently holds properties all over the world. Tamera’s focus is on the booming Foreclosure market, buying Pre-foreclosures, REOs and Short Sales. Tamera who is a noted Author, Success Trainer, Speaker & Coach, shows her passion for helping others with the 17 websites she has created and several specialized products to support fellow investors throughout the world. When Tamara is not busy running her website, she is very involved with her Fiji joint ventures and investments. Tamera Aragon is one of the few trainers and coaches who is really “doing it” successfully in today’s market. Tamera’s experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry as well as the respect and friendship of many of the top national real estate investment and internet marketing experts. Tamera Aragon believes her success has garnered her the financial freedom to fully enjoy her marriage and spend quality time with her children.

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