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By Hugh Zaretsky

Do you want more money, time, or magic in 2023? Most people want all three, but some only want 1 or two. To achieve your desired goals in 2023, you must create your plan today. This way you are prepared and implementing your plan on January 2nd at the latest. This simple key gives you almost a month’s head start on the average person.


How do I know? I have worked with and trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs and real estate investment students. (Go to to learn more about Hugh) When I ask people how do they prepare for the new year most tell me the same thing. The average person waits until January 1st to make a New Year’s resolution or the first week in January to create a plan. Then they must prepare, and implement their plan which can take another 5 to 30 days. You see this all the time at the beginning of the year with people going to the gym, starting a diet, or whatever change they want to make. That is why a gym is always packed at the beginning of the year. At the end of January, it is back to the normal number of members. That is because the average person does not prepare a month or so in advance to make a change.

When you plan a month or more in advance you can prepare yourself mentally for the change, you can learn a new skill, put a new system in place, etc. You can test your plan and see if there are any problems or holes with your plan. You can then tweak or modify them in preparation for your launch. This way on launch day, all you need to do is take the actions and execute your plan. This way you start the NEW YEAR running or sprinting out of the gate.

Now, another common mistake that people make when setting goals is tying their goals to an outcome instead of to an action. What do I mean by this? You can say all the right things to a person, and they still do not buy your service, invest in your deal or whatever it is you want them to do. You also can say all the wrong things to a person, and they may still buy your service, product or whatever you want them to do. Which scenario should we celebrate? Which scenario do most people celebrate?

That is the problem, we will celebrate the sale or the thing you got them to do. What we really should celebrate is the fact that you were perfect and did everything right regardless of the outcome. This is the way to build better skills and behaviors. This leads to you taking consistent daily action (CDA) which ultimately produces the success that you want. What are your goals tied to?


If you simply make these two simple adjustments, then you will see a lot more success in 2023 then you did in 2022. Don’t wait, create your plan today so that you can get the jump on your competition and build the life of your dreams.

To learn more about how to create your CDA and track your actions you can pick up Hugh’s new book “The Launch Button” on Amazon, go to or go to join the ohana.

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