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Thank you for being in our network. We truly appreciate you and cannot wait to see you IN PERSON in the upcoming 2018 year, with our 20 PLUS events we have planned around the nation — all in different cities!

BEFORE THAT HAPPENS… we need to concentrate on this month and need your help.

Can you please help us by letting your friends, associates and colleagues know about our upcoming LAST TWO EVENTS of the year we have planned in California?

One will be THIS SATURDAY in Santa Barbara, CA
and the other will be in Carmel-by-the-Sea on Dec. 9th

Your friends will thank you for the AMAZING information they will learn, including:

>> Where The Best US Markets for Investing Today Are Around the Nation
>> The Optimal Ways to Use a Land Trust and How to Maximize Privacy and Protection
>> How to Completely CHANGE Your Financial Future with Rental Homes
>> Learn How to Grow Your Retirement and Portfolio Tax Free
>> Discover a NEW Source of Funding to Help Grow Your Portfolio OR Business
>> Create a Legacy with Your Intellectual Property for a Lifetime of Residual Revenue
>> Discover Tips and Strategies from Some of the Nation’s TOP Investors
>> PLUS: Move Up to the Big Leagues with Multi-family and Commercial Syndication Investing
>> NEED FUNDS? We have the private lenders, mortgage brokers, and business loan consultants you need to connect with AT OUR EVENTS!
>> Learn to Diversify Your Portfolio with FOREX and Discover How to Participate in a Trillion-Dollar Economy with Your Cell Phone Today

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Once again, we thank you for being in our network, and we appreciate your time and support!

Here are some exciting things we are working on now that may be of interest to you and your associates:

1. We are filming our TV pilot Property Pitch, and we will be promoting it at all of our events in 2018 it will simultaneously “pitched” to numerous networks.

2. Our company is the midst of going though a transformation and expansion. We will be ready to begin selling properties nationwide starting in 2018.

3. Realty411’s goal (with its new sales division) will be to assist investors in purchasing and managing their rental portfolios – our focus will be catering to the needs of long-distance investors who require assistance when buying in out-of-area cities.

4. We have a new fulfillment system and our digital, monthly issue will soon be available in print format as well, and it can be purchased directly on our many websites. The publications will be mailed within a few days, not weeks, speeding up delivery service.

5. Realty411’s private social networking site is being expanded DAILY to help our fans and readers with added features, such as new articles, photos, events, blogs, webinar invites and more.

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