The following webinar invitation is from our friends at Black Belt Investors

Dear Realty411 Reader;

Want to flip some houses?

Ready to start wholesaling houses, and starting bringing in REAL money?

Tired of traveling to seminars, and spending hours in online forums or blogs trying to piece together the answers?

If wholesaling is supposed to be the fastest and easiest way to make big money in real estate today shouldn’t it be faster and easier to get started?

It can be.

I am hosting a live webinar with the best wholesaler I know ‘Sensei Gilliland founder of Black Belt Investors’ where he’ll share the secrets for wholesaling houses for real money.


* How he consistently finds new wholesale deals everyday

* The tools he use to evaluate and make offers on properties in minutes

* The keywords that give you the power to win in negotiations

* How to find hundreds of buyers for your deals

* How to flip houses without ever having to take out a mortgage loan

If you use these ninja strategies to flip just one house a month for a modest $8,000 profit, that’s like making $96,000 in one year, from just investing one hour in attending this webinar from the comfort of your own home!

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