Do you want a reliable capital source to help you buy or refi any type of investment property? If so, you can now instantly connect with local private & hard money lenders READY TO COMPETE to fund all of you flips & rentals.

If you need an investment property funded, this network of non-bank lenders will bid to bring you the capital… FAST!

~ Answer 12 simple questions
~ Your application will be submitted to the top local private & hard money lenders near you
~ You choose the lender that is the best fit
~ 100% Free

Here are some common questions about this new exciting funding resource:

Q) How is this any different than a typical hard money lender?
A) This new funding portal allows you to receive multiple offers from several hard & private money lenders in MINUTES 100% free.

Q) I have bad/no credit can I get funded?
A) YES! As long as you have money to put down, these lenders make decisions based off the deal, not your credit.

Q) Do I have to put money down?
A) Of course, but not much – Only 10%. Real lenders want you to have some skin in the game.

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Connected Investors and Realty411

PS: DON’T NEED FUNDING B/C YOU CAN’T FIND DEALS? Here is a list of off-market bank inventory in your local market.