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Issue: 6 June/2013
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Tom Braegelmann & Chuck Tralka

What’s the Best Long Term Investment Vehicle in America? – Online Seminar

According to a Gallup poll published earlier this year, Americans consider real estate to be the best long-term investment. Many investors, especially busy professionals and small business owners, shy away from investing in real estate because of concerns over the time and headaches involved with owning rental property.


Rather than owning real estate directly, you can “become the bank” and help finance real estate purchases and development projects done by others.

Sign up for a free educational seminar. It is well worth 45 minutes of your valuable time.

What you will learn:

  • What trust deed investing means and how it works
  • How to find out whether you are qualified to participate
  • Where to go to learn more – including resources available from the State of California
  • How to use 401k rollover and self-directed IRA funds for this type of investing
  • How this approach can dramatically improve your financial future

If you’d like to learn more about private lending in real estate investing, sign up for the free GCA Equity Partners webinar from 12:00 – 12:45 (Pacific Time) on Thursday, June 13th.

Do it now! Signing up will take just a minute, and could lead to a lifetime of income secured by real property.

About Chuck Tralka

Mr. Tralka is a former high-technology executive, having served in a variety of engineering and marketing management roles during his 23-year career in that industry. While working in high-tech, he began investing in various real estate projects and over the last nineteen years has bought, held and sold multiple investment properties. During the last few years he began investigating and investing heavily in real estate investment funds focused on the financial aspects of the business in order to continue to grow his own retirement portfolio. He has a passion for helping investors achieve their financial goals through careful selection of the right investments and in particular for helping people optimize returns for their own retirement accounts.

Mr. Tralka is a graduate of the University of California, Davis and holds a degree in electrical engineering from that institution. During his high-tech career he served in various roles at Altera Corporation, Aptix, Inc., QuickLogic Corporation and Xilinx, Inc.

About GCA Equity Partners

The Fund, a California State registered offering, offers investors an 8% annual preferred rate, but targets total annualized investor returns in the low double digit range through its combined interest and shared appreciation (contingent interest) lending model. Investors must be California residents, meet certain income and/or net worth requirements, and limit their investment in the Fund to no more than 10% of their net worth as defined by the State of California. More information about GCA Equity Partners and the GCA California Real Estate Fund is available at, phone 408.368.1571.

Long Term Investments Online Seminar

12:00 – 12:45 (Pacific Time) Thursday, June 13th

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