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INVESTORS/BROKERS/LENDERS/REI SERVICE PROVIDERS: It is time to pencil in attendance to a new Realty411 VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON Investor event for 2023.

As the company’s goal is to impact as many investors as possible, Realty411 is hosting four different events, two in-person and two virtual, to increase education and networking opportunities for investors.

One event is scheduled for January 28th in the West Coast, specifically Santa Barbara, California.

The next in-person event will take place on April 1st in the East Coast. For the first time, Realty411 will host an event in Philadelphia, PA, known as the “City of Brotherly Love”.

This in-person event in Pennsylvania will add yet another state to Realty411‘s repertoire of in-person events. This visit will mark the 13th state where a live event is hosted by the California-based real estate investor’ magazine.

Realty411 in-person and virtual events are hosted to help their magazine readers and followers gain the latest insight, strategies, and techniques to grow their rental portfolios and real estate businesses.

For this new 2023 hybrid schedule, Realty411 will unite wonderful speakers and leading experts who will share their secrets of success. Plus, event guests will learn how investors, agents, and brokers can increase their income by exploring new niche strategies.

To learn more about Realty411’s 2023 schedule, please visit:

Please note this schedule is only a partial list of 2023 events and additional states and cities will be announced soon.

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