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By Hugh Zaretsky


The world of real estate investing is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve can mean the difference between success and challenges. In the bustling city of New York, one recent change has sent ripples through the real estate and short-term rental markets – the new Airbnb law. As seasoned investors who have seen it all and newcomers eager to get started, you must understand how to adapt to this shifting landscape. In this article, we’ll explore the recent changes to the Airbnb law in NYC and how to not just survive but thrive within the new regulations.

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**Understanding the New Airbnb Regulations**

The new regulations are crystal clear – you cannot rent out an entire apartment or home for less than 30 days, even if you own or live in the building. This rule applies across the board to all permanent residential buildings in NYC. Furthermore, hosts are only permitted to offer short-term rentals if they remain in the same apartment or unit with their guests. There’s also a strict limitation on the number of paying guests – no more than two are allowed at a time. Violating these regulations can result in a hefty $5,000 fine.

**A Success Story in Compliance**

In the midst of these changes, one seasoned investor, Hugh Zaretsky, has not only navigated the new regulations successfully but has thrived within them. Hugh, who was approved by New York City as one of the few hosts to continue offering Airbnb stays, has a track record of investing in cash-flowing properties, businesses, and training entrepreneurs. His story is a testament to the power of adaptation and compliance.

Hugh’s experience shows that compliance is not just about following the rules; it’s about maximizing your return on investment. By adhering to the new Airbnb regulations, you protect your investment from costly fines and legal troubles. It’s a strategy that pays off in the long run.

**Impact on the NYC Airbnb Market**

The repercussions of the new law have been significant. The number of available Airbnb listings in NYC has dropped dramatically, from over 15,000 or 9,000 units (depending on the data source) to a mere 300 options as of now. This shift is expected to bring the number closer to 3,500 available units. For investors who comply with the law, this reduced competition could translate into higher nightly rates, potentially making legal hosting even more profitable.

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**The Importance of Compliance**

Compliance with the new Airbnb law is not just about avoiding fines; it’s about safeguarding your investment and ensuring the longevity of your real estate endeavors. Hugh Zaretsky, with his background in real estate and entrepreneurship, is a prime example of how considering the law when making investment decisions can lead to success.

Hugh has also taken his expertise and experience in the field to teach other real estate investors how to operate Airbnb and short-term rentals legally. This highlights the need for education and mentorship, especially in times of change.

**Adapting to the Changing Landscape**

Hugh’s journey into the world of Airbnb investing began in 2012, and his adaptability and willingness to embrace emerging trends have been instrumental in his success. As seasoned and newbie real estate investors, it’s crucial to recognize the value of staying one step ahead. Tech expertise, mentorship, and a willingness to adapt can make all the difference in thriving in evolving markets.

In conclusion, the changing Airbnb law in NYC may have presented challenges, but it has also created opportunities for those who are willing to adapt and comply. By understanding the regulations, prioritizing compliance, and seeking mentorship, both seasoned and newbie real estate investors can find success in this evolving landscape. Hugh Zaretsky’s success story is proof that with the right approach, you can not only survive but thrive in the ever-changing world of real estate investing.

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By Hugh Zaretsky
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