On the first of the year, I encourage all my family, friends, associates and readers to write down their goals. Here is my annual First of the Year Letter. I hope it inspires you to make a list of your aspirations for the year.

Every adventure needs a road-map.

How are you going to get where you want to go, if you do not even now where it is you want to get to?

When we put pen to paper, something magical happens, and we start attracting that which we focus on. Most of the goals I have attained in life began as a New Year’s Day goal. Writing down goals is truly the best way to get clarity about what it is that you TRULY want.

Contemplating life, your desires and aspirations, and jotting them concretely shouldn’t be reserved solely as a New Year’s Day activity. Ideally, every so often, we should write down goals to ensure that we know what it is we indeed want to call into our lives.

To encourage others to join in, I’ve written down my personal and professional goals. One more thing: If nobody laughs after they read your list, then you are NOT dreaming big enough!


  1. Build the #1 media and expo company in the world. (At first, I wrote country, but that’s not a big enough goal!)
  2. Have a better, closer, and more fulfilling relationship with my family first; then friends, associates, and colleagues.
  3. Buy triple the amount of rental properties our company purchased this year.
  4. Be more patient, loving and nurturing to others in need, especially my family.
  5. Help others invest in real estate safely via a real estate advisory business.
  6. Donate and give back more to charities that help those in need: children, the elderly, animals, Mother Earth.
  7. HAVE MORE FUN – Realize that life is short, so laugh longer and louder! LOL
  8. Inspire others though our companies — motivate those who are downtrodden, be a source of love, light, and comfort.
  9. Be healthier: exercise more, sleep better, eat healthy.
  10. Grow intellectually and creatively — continue to learn more…

Good luck with writing down your goals, and may you have a wonderful and prosperous 2018.

With love,

Linda Pliagas

REALTY411 .com

PS: I hope to see you in person this coming year. For our expo schedule or to keep up with our latest updates, be sure to visit: