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By Joe Arias

Thinking of investing in real estate? You’ve come to the right place. Real estate has created financial independence for many throughout the years. Ordinary people have created significant wealth for themselves thanks to the power of real estate. By starting your journey with the right ideas, then you can begin reaping the rewards real estate has to offer.

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No, you do not need a college degree to start investing in real estate. However, you should spend as much of your time as possible learning about investing in real estate. Knowledge is power and the more you learn about real estate, the better chances you have for succeeding. There are a variety of resources for you to learn real estate. It may seem overwhelming but that is a common feeling for many as real estate has so many categories and details. The best thing you should do is just get started. Pick up an interesting real estate book. Watch YouTube videos or listen to podcasts. Join your local real estate group. Talk with an agent. There are so many activities you can take advantage of to start your path towards learning more about real estate.


Another starting point on your journey towards investing in real estate is figuring out your current financial situation. How much liquid capital do you have access to? How much are you willing to invest? What is your current credit score? These are some of the many questions you should start asking yourself. It is not enough to know everything there is about real estate. You should also develop a strong financial literacy because finances play a big role in your ability to secure deals. A great strategy is to save as much money as you can while you are educating yourself about real estate. That way, by the time you are confident to start investing, you will have access to the capital you need to get started.


What are your goals? Do you want to achieve financial independence? Are you interested in flipping properties or would you prefer to start buying income-producing properties? Truly think about what you are looking to achieve out of the real estate and write them down. You should revisit your goals daily and weekly. You must be laser-focused when chasing your goals. Also, don’t forget to work backward. What steps will you need to take to achieve your goals? There are so many different options available when it comes to real estate. Think about which path you’d like to take and what outcomes you are looking to achieve.

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Final Thoughts

By starting with the right ideas, you can set yourself up for success by thinking about the necessary actions that you will need to take to begin investing in real estate. Thinking about educating yourself, understanding your finances, and developing your goals is a great place to start when beginning your journey towards investing in real estate. Take action today and start thinking through the suggested ideas or to begin your journey.

Joe Arias and his partners have flipped hundreds of properties in the Southern California Region. He has developed cutting-edge systems to simplify and scale the entire remodel process that can easily be applied to flipping, rentals, wholesaling, and other passive income strategies. More recently, Joe founded a real estate investing education company called RealSuccess Investments, allowing him to share his tools and systems with hundreds of up-and-coming investors. 

RealSuccess is focused on education on flipping, rentals, passive income, and wholesaling.

Joe is also a best-selling author. He has written 4 books: Finding your RealSuccess, First Steps to Flipping, R stands for Rentals and Retirement, and Wholesaling Real Estate.

“I came from Argentina when I was 20, I am 40 years old now. I didn’t know anyone, I am CERO generation, usually people say, I am first or second generation but I was the one that crossed the border, no language, no friends, no family, no money, nothing, nada… If I can do it, anyone can.”

From a young latino immigrant  to a celebrated real estate investor, Joe is a true testament to hard work and discipline. As an investor, he has made it his mission to help others achieve financial freedom while enjoying living a life of passion, fulfillment, and empowerment.

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