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Investment has long been a great way to grow your wealth but often comes with a high barrier of entry. Not only can it be difficult to learn about the various types of investments and how they can work for you but it can also be difficult to find a way to make that initial foray. Investing in the stock market or a start-up can be simpler to do but both bring a high level of risk. If you’re looking for a safer, long-term investment that can bring you regular income, you might be looking to invest in commercial real estate.
The Basics


Unlike some forms of investment, this is tangible and is considered to be a hard asset. When you make this kind of investment, you can expect to be rewarded in one of two ways: appreciation, which happens when the value of the building or property increases over time, and income gained by renting the space out. These investments tend to be long-term, as it takes far more effort to buy and sell a large building than to trade or sell stocks. When making investments of this type, you’re not looking to make a quick buck, but are thinking about the long haul.
How It Makes You Money

Commercial real estate is a limited resource, which means that it will always be in demand. Companies need offices or manufacturing space, individuals need apartments and entrepreneurs need restaurant or store space. All of those people will pay for that space, and that’s where the first source of income comes from. A well-located building with modern spaces will fetch top dollar from all of these renters, and that income is regular and can be counted on.


Appreciation is the other source of financial reward but takes longer to build. With this, you’re looking farther down the road, to the point where you can sell that property. This can be a great return on investment if you look at demographics and market patterns. Buying a property for a low price in an area that will boom in a few years means that, as long as you maintain the building, you can sell at a profit.

Commercial real estate can be a very powerful investment tool, as long as you do your research. It boasts potential for high returns and also offers the advantage of a regular income, which many other investments do not. Because of these reasons, this can be a great way to start investing and making money right away.

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