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By Holly Lynn

Enjoy these treats while they last!

If Halloween decorations, costumes, and a smoky punch bowl are in the forefront of your mind for a great party, keep Airbnb off of your list of potential party spots for the holiday weekend.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

In an announcement made by Airbnb, they are prohibiting large gatherings in an effort to do their part in the spread of Covid-19.

Airbnb has stated that they will also bring legal action against certain unauthorized parties. This announcement comes a year after the shooting of five young people at a home–listed on the Airbnb platform– in Orinda, California.

Airbnb posted on their website, “To strengthen our hosts’ protection against parties amid concerns about a second wave of the pandemic, today we’re announcing that we’ll be prohibiting one-night reservations over the Halloween weekend in entire home listings in the United States or Canada. Further, we’ll bolster our existing protections and technologies aimed at stopping as many large gatherings as possible that weekend.”

Starting October 2nd, guests will be unable to book entire homes for a single night on 10/30 or 10/31 in the United States and Canada.

For previously booked reservations on these dates, Airbnb will cancel and reimburse the guest. However, hosts that have confirmed bookings will receive a full payment.

In addition to the rigid restrictions, Airbnb will be implementing technology that will curtail guests that try to book last-minute, who live locally and do not have a positive history on the platform.

Airbnb also asserted, “Also as the weekend approaches, we plan to remind guests making successful reservations to take place between October 28 and November 1 that parties are not allowed in listings. They will also be required to attest that they understand that they may be subject to removal from Airbnb or legal action if they violate Airbnb’s rules on parties.”

Airbnb will be beefing up their neighborhood support line to take calls throughout the weekend to respond to any issues from hosts and neighbors.
With pandemic numbers on the rise and the recent rise in civil unrest, Airbnb is striving to protect hosts, guests, and neighborhoods from unnecessary problems and to keep everyone safe.

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