Wednesday April 16th – Miami, FL – The Miami New Construction Show announced today the details of its 2014 edition, taking place on August 29, 30, and 31 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This year, the show is expecting a turnout of more than 100 developers from South Florida to showcase their new luxury construction projects, close to 80 real estate-related professionals, and over 35,000 visitors from the United States, South America, Europe, and Canada.

The Miami New Construction Show is a three-day exhibition event bringing together all the stakeholders in the market of new luxury condominiums in South Florida. “Our objective is to create a marketplace for new luxury homes where buyers have the option to review all the new construction projects in South Florida to make a decision about their home and/or investment,” said Anita Funtek, CEO of the Miami New Construction Show.
While the concept of the show will be appealing to selective buyers who need to have a variety of options to choose from, the Miami New Construction Show offers additional advantages: particularly convenience and time- saving. “Currently, the majority of real estate buyers in South Florida are from Latin America and Europe, and we made the show a one-stop shop for international customers, or any interested buyers, by including real estate related professions as exhibitors such as real estate agents, title insurance companies, insurance agents, property managers, immigration lawyers, accountants and others” added Funtek.

The concept of the Miami New Construction Show stroke home with developers of new luxury construction projects in South Florida. “The response from developers has been overwhelming” states Ernest Joseph, Sales Manager. “Just a few minutes into the presentation, smiles start surfacing, heads start nodding, and booths get reserved.” It must be said that developers are making tremendous efforts by traveling to countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and others to promote their construction projects in exhibitions drawing a lower attendance. Having the opportunity to showcase their construction projects in Miami to more than 35,000 stakeholders in three days is an effective promotional tool that will allow developers to reach their sales objectives while preserving several resources.

“The market has fundamentally changed,” explains Fernando Valdivieso, Director of Sales at Costa Hollywood, one of the first exhibitors to confirm participation to the show. “During the last credit based real estate boom, clients from the United States were lining up in front of our sales office before 9:00 a.m. Today, the market is fueled by international buyers who pay cash. At Costa Hollywood, we want to be proactive and go find the clients whether they are inside or outside of the U.S. I personally just came back from a trip to South America where we made very positive leads for our projects in South Florida, and having a chance to promote our luxury products in Miami will be an effective tool to complement our marketing strategy. It will save us time, money and energy but more than anything else, it will allow us to take the clients to the actual site. By visiting the site, our clients will see the location, the streets, and the neighborhood. They will be able to feel our vision for the projects, and when it comes to luxury, nothing beats the ability to see, touch, and experience.”

“According to many experts, the real estate market in South Florida is slowly but surely recovering,” explains Funtek. “This, of course, is the result of several factors including urban development, cultural offering, local economy, and amazing dedication from the Miami Association of Realtors. The Miami New Construction Show comes at the right time to support and further enhance that growth.”

The Miami New Construction Show is an annual three-day exhibition that takes place during Labor Day week-end at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The Show brings together all the stakeholders in the market of luxury condominiums in South Florida to create a marketplace where buyers meet sellers and service providers. In numbers, the show represents more than 100 new luxury development projects in South Florida, close to 80 real estate related-professionals, and 35,000 visitors from all over the world.
The Miami New Construction Show is a central event for the real estate market in South Florida and an international reference in luxury living.
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