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“Everything is a negotiation. Everything is a little bit of give and take.”

~Lamman Rucker


Successful people learn to negotiate early on. They realize young that the art of negotiation influences outcomes and results. Whether it’s dealing a multimillion dollar acquisition or influencing a partner to invest in a certain market, real estate entrepreneurs can never go wrong brushing up on time-tested sales systems, and strategies designed to sway.

Realty411, the longest-running complimentary magazine for investors of real estate, has a large social media following on numerous platforms. In the age where individuals are influencers through social media, communication skills can make a valuable impact in lives of their readers and followers.

For this reason, Realty411‘s Lone Star Real Estate Investors’ Summit will feature the “Hardcore Closer” himself, Ryan Stewman. The popular four-time best-selling author, sales authority, and proud Texan, will lead the day in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, September 15th, 2018.

Besides his popular writings, Stewman, a Plano, TX resident, is known for his captivating podcasts, engaging Facebook live videos, life-changing bootcamps, and his real-and-raw Prison-to-Penthouse testimony.

His message for the third annual Lone Star Real Estate Investors’ Summit will be one of motivation and education. Ryan will lead the momentum of the day and share some of his top Secret $trategies for skyrocketing in sales quickly. This day is designed to help increase one’s income, influence and insight.

Some of the other highlights for this spectacular day that will help guests not only Level Up, but also Give Back, include: Complimentary coffee and breakfast, afternoon appetizers for VIP guests, a charity drive highlighting an important and timely issue, plus numerous raffles, networking sessions, and words of wisdom from some of the most well-known figures of the REI world.

The Lone Star Real Estate Investors Summit will unite both national and local leaders, and include multiple breakout sessions for guests to choose the topic they wish to learn most about. Some of the niches to be discussed are:

  • Local and national real estate trends
  • Fixing and flipping
  • Land banking
  • Tax liens
  • Multifamily investing
  • Building tax-free investments with an IRA
  • Property management
  • Investing in assisted residential living facilities
  • The latest in real estate technology
  • Wholesale techniques
  • Private Money
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Diversification
  • Long-distance landlording,
  • And so much more!

Continuing with its tradition of spotlighting local leaders, the Texas’ Lone Star REI Summit will distribute a special edition of Private Money411, a Realty411 financial supplement featuring local leader Rob Barney, President of DHLC Investments, Inc. and owner of DHLC Mortgage, LLC. In addition, the latest copy of Realty411 magazine will also be passed out and celebrated.

The Hardcore Clorser (Ryan Stewman) will be accompanied by other amazing educators and REI influencers, including: Jimmy Reed (1REclub.or), Arnie Abramson (Texas Tax Sales), Pam Blanco (Professional Asset Management and Sales), Juan Carlos Cruz (Real Estate IQ), Gene Guarino (RAL – Residential Assisted Living Aademy), Steve Rozenberg (Empire Industries), Kaaren Hall (uDirect IRA Services), Tim Herriage (2020 REI), Reed Blake (“Mr. Money” from Business Capital Experts), Justin Ford (Team Take Profits/IML), and many more.

The day will begin promptly at 9 am, with registration starting at 8:30 am. Coffee and pastries will be served to all early-bird guests. Networking will take place and the welcoming message will begin at 9:30 am. Multiple breakout sessions will be in full effect with networking breaks in between. A lunch break will take place, and appetizers will be served to VIP guests, speakers and sponsors.

For complimentary tickets to this amazing day, plus VIP tickets, Please Click Here.

Rounding out an amazing weekend with by a Insider Bus Tour presented by 25-year REI leader Jimmy Reed. Reed, who resides in Fort Worth and is founder and CEO of, has been investing in the local area since his start in the real estate realm. Reed and his wife and business partner, Rachell, have invested globally and at one point even owned their own private island in Central America!

Jimmy will give incredible golden nuggets, techniques that are only acquired from decades of hand-on and direct experience. Tickets for this all-day educational tour will go on sale soon. Tickets to the tour will be surprisingly affordable and without a doubt, the level of content and insight will far exceed this price of admission.

This wonderful tour will unite both investors from out of state, as well as locals, ranging from beginners to sophisticated landlords. Many potential and long-term California investors have already pre-registered to attend both events.

Fantastic networking will take place all weekend in Arlington, Texas, so be sure to RSVP  for this awesome event, plus bring all your friends, colleagues and family members along.

The Lone Star Real Estate Investor’s Summit was originally developed in 2015 in Texas as a way to give back knowledge, resources and spotlight local charitable organizations. Thus far, the Lone Star Real Estate Investors’ Expo has donated thousands of dollars two important charities: The Salvation Army and PTSD USA Camp Hope – The PTSD Foundaton of America.

The tradition of organizing the annual event is carried on by Realty411 magazine. The publisher and her extended family currently own rental property investments in Texas and have for over a decade. Additionally while the publisher was an active agent, prior to Realty411, she referred as much as $6M in sales in one year to the Lone Star State.

The Lone Star Real Estate Investor’s Summit will take place at:




on Saturday, September 15, 2018