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“I Don’t Know Where I’m Going from Here, But I Promise It Won’t be Boring.”

~ David Bowie

The RockStar Real Estate Investor Expo & Property Tour in Los Angeles Gives Investors A Chance to Learn from Respected Local Leaders Who Are Living the Rockstar Lifestyle Thanks to a Golden Real Estate Market


This Event is Our Gift To You – Enjoy Complimentary Admission, Breakfast, Appetizers, Magazines, Networking, Exclusive Access to Top Deal Makers, & More!

Event Preview Written by Realty411

Investing in California is not easy. Prices are steep, competition is stiff, but the reward historically has been strong and steady appreciation.

The California market is currently causing major economic shifts. The state recently moved up to number five in global economic power — It stood at number nine, twenty years ago.

Then it shifted to number six in 2000. The state’s strong sectors helped bolster its prominence: technology, entertainment, media, tourism, real estate, alternative energy. California enjoys a diversified economy in the state’s five major economic and geographic regions.

Recently, California became first state in nation to require solar panels for all new homes starting in 2020. Super fast-forward thinking residents, such as Elon Musk, are now drafting plans to allow us to zoom to Paris in a rocket in one hour and drive underground in tunnel at record speeds, while its bumper-to-bumper above ground in Los Angeles.

Every year millions of people from around the United States, and indeed internationally, choose to make California home, resulting in a housing shortage in many areas.

Landlords are enjoying premium rents. Developers are building again. Prices have been skyrocketing for years. Some coastal regions of California housing market have appreciated up to 40% in value, the past three years alone — normal appreciation has typically been 10% annually.

This equates to choice properties in prime areas doubling in price every ten years or so.

In other words, California real estate owners are swimming in equity, which can be tapped and wisely reinvested back into more real estate.

What does this all mean to California investors?

Although entry into the market may be more difficult and expensive than other regions, the path to prosperity is shortened by strong ROIs, which can produce life-changing windfalls.

Hector Padilla, a real estate broker, accredited investor and entrepreneur, is one Californian who has greatly benefited from the Golden State’s last 20-year-market cycles.

Beginning with his first purchase, a completely burned-down duplex in Los Angeles, which he purchased with credit cards and by breaking his childhood piggy bank… to his $75K Hollywood parking lot that he flipped one year later for $1.375M. Hector Padilla is the American Dream personified; he become a self-made millionaire by age 29, multi-millionaire by 30 and was able to retire at age 38. He created his wealth via real estate investing right here in Los Angeles!

The Los Angeles-based investor mentored the Publisher of Realty411‘s on numerous real estate investments over the course of their 18-year friendship. The pair met when Linda Pliagas, magazine publisher, was hired as his first assistant.

On Saturday, July 14th, 2018, at The Westin Hotel near LAX, (5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045), Hector Padilla will freely share his wisdom on the most valuable lessons he has learned from his $86M in local and national real estate acquisitions.

“You Can’t Change the Past So Don’t Let it Haunt You. You CAN Change the Future, But First You’ve Got to Want To.”

~ Pat Benatar

How did Hector transition from being a REALTOR® to Flipper to now owning multimillion-dollar properties like a $6M building in upscale Brentwood, plus a $9M building in LA?

What are some of the strategies that this native Angeleno used to create exponential growth, all while being a family man and now living The Ultimate Lifestyle?

Discover Golden Nuggets from one of the Golden State’s most successful real estate investors.

In addition to sharing proven techniques that he has learned from his Mentors, closed deals, and from his investment of over $250K in RE education. Hector will also reveal shortcuts that he has taken to expedite financial success so investors can savor “the good life” while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

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Highlights for this spectacular day designed for guests to learn how to SPEED UP WEALTH and Live the Ultimate Investor LIFESTYLE NOW, include: Complimentary coffee and breakfast, afternoon appetizers for VIP guests, a charity drive highlighting an important and timely issue, plus numerous raffles, networking sessions, and words of wisdom from some of the most well-known figures of the REI world.

The Rockstar Real Estate Investor Expo & Summit will unite both national and local leaders, and include multiple breakout sessions for guests to choose the topic they wish to learn most about. Some of the niches to be discussed are:

  • Local and national real estate trends
  • Fixing and flipping locally/nationally
  • Land banking in CA and Out
  • Tax liens in multiple states
  • Multifamily investing alone or w/others
  • Out of state investing – Best markets now
  • Property management – Insider tips
  • Leveraging with private funds
  • Credit options for REI and Business
  • Investing in notes / 1st and 2nd
  • The latest in real estate technology
  • Wholesale techniques
  • Diversification – How to Have it
  • Long-distance landlording
  • PLUS… FOREX, ETFs, Options, and REITS!
  • BROKERS: Get the Funds You Need for Business
  • Private Funds are Here for New/Seasoned Investors
  • And so much more.

“You’ve Got to Roll with The Punches to Get To What’s Real.”

~ Van Halen

Saturday, July 14th will begin promptly at 9 am at the Westin by LAX (5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA), with registration starting at 8:30 am. Coffee and pastries will be served to all early-bird guests. Networking starts immediately and the welcoming message will begin at 9:30 am.

The theater at the Westin Hotel has been reserved for maximum viewing, engagement and learning. A lunch break will take place and appetizers will be served to VIP guests, speakers and sponsors.

Guests will also watch highlights of Property Pitch, a 30-minuute TV pilot, which was developed with assistance from the publisher and team of Realty411 and filmed in January in Santa Monica, California.

Some of the other powerful educators include: Charles Sells with The Pip Group, Reed Blake with Business Capital Experts, Jasmine Willois with Note Assistance Program, Raul Avila with the AV Fund Group, Chris Meza from Real Titan Acquisitions, Inc. Real Titan Acquisitions, Inc, fund manager Bruce E. Dinger, Justin Ford from Encore Real Estate, Michael Lally (Passive Income REI Expert), Master flipper Jason Kennedy, investors and REI club leaders, such as Scott Mednick and David Church, and so many more!

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Rounding out an amazing weekend will be more amazing content on Sunday, July 15th, including a VIP Insider Bus Tour presented by Hector Padilla. The tour will end with a VIP Exclusive Networking Party at Hector’s Multimillion-Dollar Residence in the Celebrity Streets of the Hollywood Hills. His backyard neighbor paid $75M for his home, and the home in front of property will soon be listed on the market in the range of $50M.

Hector who is also a GRI and Broker has been investing in the local area since the start of his real estate investing career, at age 25. Now, Hector and his wife and business partner, Patty, have invested globally and currently own a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He will give incredible golden nuggets, techniques that are only acquired from decades of hand-on and direct experience.

Tickets for this all-day educational tour are $1,397 and will go on sale soon. Realty411 guarantees the level of content and insight will far exceed this price of admission.

This wonderful tour will unite both investors from out of state, as well as locals, ranging from beginners to sophisticated landlords. Many potential and long-term Southern California investors have already per-registered to attend both events.

Fantastic networking will take place all weekend in Los Angeles on July 14th so be sure to RSVP for this awesome event, plus bring all your friends, colleagues and family members along. Plus don’t forget about the property tour the next day, on Sunday, July 15th.

“Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way.”

~ Axl Rose of Guns ‘N’ Roses

Realty411 magazine was originally developed in Los Angeles in 2007 as a way to give back knowledge, resources and spotlight national renowned real estate investors. The publisher, Linda Pliagas, modeled the issue after one of her favorite magazines, A.D. Kessler’s Creative Real Estate Investor, which was also based in California and published in the 1980s and 1990s.

A homeowner since the age of 25, Pliagas first studied real estate in Santa Monica College, where she also took journalism courses and continued on to California State University, Long Beach. Pliagas has a bachelor’s degree in journalism; she’s enjoyed a media career spanning more than 20 years. Her first magazine was published in 1993 and sold at bookstores in 13 states.

She has been actively investing in California and out of state since 2005, in multifamily and single-family properties. Linda’s motivation is to increase knowledge of real estate investing to as many people as possible.

One of the biggest impacts to Linda’s life was her parents losing the family home as a teenager. Witnessing the agony on her father’s face as a youngster is a memory that continues to fuel her passion for publishing — to reach mass audiences with inspirational and proven wealth-building strategies.

Realty411 has been hosting events since the start of the publication, starting at public libraries and inside civic buildings, and has reached thousands of personal investors around the country. Pliagas, who seldom traveled prior to Realty411, has seen the national landscape and has met investors from every major region of America.

Realty411 frequently also highlights and raises donations for numerous charities, and has worked with renowned organizations, such as: the Los Angeles Mission, The Salvation Army, PTSD USA Camp Hope – The PTSD Foundaton of America, Orange County Transitional Women’s Center, San Diego Mission, Santa Barbara Mission, and many more.

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