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By Victoria Kennedy

Making money from real estate investing and becoming financially independent are goals for many people. There are always profitable opportunities – like fixing and flipping a property – that could generate considerable profit for an investor within a relatively short period of time, if executed quickly and effectively. When there’s a money-making real estate opportunity in front of you and you need some additional funds to make it happen, a hard money lender is the best place to turn.

These lenders are where seasoned real estate investors turn when they want to invest in multiple properties at once. They know that if they have 20% of the money required, the lender can provide the additional 80%. When those properties are successfully turned around, the investor reaps significant financial benefit.

While many lenders promise the advantages of a hard money loan – a flexible process with quick approvals and closings as well as customized loan terms – not all lenders have the borrower’s best interests in mind or the ability to fulfill their promises. Going with the wrong lender could lead to an investor being unable to repay a loan and a seizure of collateral.

That’s the last thing you want, and that’s the last thing a legitimate lender should want. Before securing a hard money loan for a real estate investment, you should follow these tips to find a lender whose goals are aligned with yours and will deliver what they say they will.

1. Know where the lender’s money comes from

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A direct hard money lender will be invested in your success. The lender uses their own funds and balance sheet to make loans. If a borrower defaults on a loan, it adversely affects the direct lender.

Because their money is on the line, a direct lender will make sure to write loans on projects that make sense and that they believe the borrower is capable of executing. Other types of lenders, the ones that sell all of their loans to larger hedge funds or institutions, don’t keep any of the risk. Lenders who sell a loan also have less flexibility since they must underwrite to the end-buyers’ guidelines to ensure the loan is sellable. The underwriting process usually takes longer and depends on a third-party willing to buy the loan to close the deal.

Most investors prefer using a direct balance-sheet lender because they feel they’re working with a real partner, one who can get their loan closed quickly.

2. Research the lender’s track record

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Anyone can write unsubstantiated glowing reviews about a business. It’s not uncommon for reviews on a company’s website to be forged, written by someone who has not used their service but still says positive things about the business.

Look for legitimate direct testimonials on a company’s website that are verified. Verification is done by a third party – by companies such as YotPo or TurnTo – that ensure authenticity in the written review. You’ll get a good idea of a lender’s strengths and weaknesses if you read through the verified reviews – every one of them. After investigating online, ask other investors and service providers in the area if they’ve had experience with the lender.

3. Look for flexibility

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Experienced real estate investors know that flexibility in hard money loans is most common with a direct lender who isn’t restricted by someone else’s guidelines. The direct lender can look at the unique conditions of each project and write loans accordingly.

Flexibility particularly comes from a lender who is structured so that investors are dealing directly with decision makers. Find out who in the organization will be underwriting your loan. Will you be dealing with a junior underwriting analyst who isn’t capable of making changes without going to management for permission? Or, will you be dealing with an underwriter who is a partner in the firm who has the power to make changes and exceptions?

4. Deal with someone familiar with your market

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Real estate investing is a “block by block” business. Depending on the city, the value of similar houses can vary as much as 20% in just a few blocks. You need to find a lender that’s an expert in your region’s market.

Experts in the market will know if an investment has the potential to be successful. Take the time to ask the lender about similar projects in the area they’ve funded. Without revealing another investor’s private details, they should be able to tell you where they’ve seen projects like yours thrive. They may also be able to offer you tips on what not to do, based on their experiences with other clients.

Doing the proper research can ensure you find a legitimate hard money lender and lead you to real estate investing success. Our direct hard money business is proud to do all we can to ensure the success of our borrowers.

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