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By Gabby Darroch

When you think about traditional banking systems, I am willing to bet you don’t think about having control over your money. Typically, the banks have all the control.

Think about that for a second. It’s YOUR money and the banks CONTROL it. They control what you do with it. They control what OTHER PEOPLE do with it. And they control the “wealth” you gain from it. I say “wealth” in quotations because for you it’s not really wealth at all. You earn pennies on your invested money while the banks gains upwards of 400% on that same money you invested.

I’m sure when I put it like that you see there’s something obviously wrong with the traditional banking system. It’s just another way the rich get richer, but what about you?

Well, imagine being in control of that banking system. With cash compounding you can be, and you’re going to notice some HUGE differences when compared to everything you’re used to in the traditional banking world. Here are 3 of them:

#1: You don’t have to lock up your cash.

If you are currently contributing to some kind of retirement account, such as a 401k, you probably forget about that money regularly. Why? Because you can’t use it until retirement age without being severely penalized. Out of sight, out of mind. Right? Well with cash compounding you aren’t “locking away” your money for retirement that may not be here for another 10, 20, 30 or more years like you are with retirement accounts. And you get full use of your dollar when you need it… NOW! With those traditional retirement accounts, your dollar typically becomes weaker over time, leaving you with fewer dollars than you invested.

#2: You don’t have to turn over control to someone else.

It’s risky to give someone your money and not know if they are doing a poor job with it until it’s too late. Well, that’s what you’re doing when you invest your dollars into a traditional retirement account. If you had the right information, you could easily be the one that’s in charge of your money and know where your finances stand on a daily basis instead of relying on a stranger to do the leg work, only to find out they could’ve done better.

#3: There are guarantees from day 1.

The ONLY guarantee you’ll ever see with any qualified retirement account is that they won’t go below zero. So much for overdelivering on their promises. With cash compounding, you are guaranteed a minimum of 4% growth, no matter what happens in the economy. Your money isn’t tied to the market so if it crashes, you will still be sitting pretty.

The Money Multiplier Method utilizes this cash compounding concept. And through these techniques, we help you to create your own generational wealth that is completely, 100% controlled by you.

Your money, in your control, working for you every single day… Who knew?

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