For Immediate Release launches innovative new portal that matches the lifestyle needs of home-seekers with their perfect neighborhood – Website provides valuable insight by gathering data from actual residents

VACAVILLE, CA (March 24, 2014) — Moving to a new neighborhood is a physical and emotional challenge, one defined by excitement yet uncertainty. Families want to feel at home, to fit in, to find everything they need to live comfortable, convenient lives.

But how do they know which neighborhood is perfect for them?

They can rely solely on the expertise of a real estate agent, research dense demographic numbers from the U.S. Census, or go by their gut feeling as they drive around town.

Those approaches fail to offer the ease and innovation offered by the new web portal, a digital solution that promotes a sense of community by matching each user’s lifestyle needs with the perfect neighborhood. Users can search potential homes by zip code or city, with a narrow search radius to pinpoint the best streets for their lifestyle in any desired city across the country.

By gathering data from real residents, provides valuable insight before a family takes the keys, and their commitment to excellence ensures informed decisions.

Who knows what goes on in a neighborhood better than the residents themselves? As a registered user with, proud residents can promote the concept of community by enticing neighbors-to-be people into surrounding vacant homes and apartments. In the end, sharing details, daily habits and lifestyles with users helps build even stronger neighborhoods.’s search tool would not be effective without the willingness of residents to share vital information with others. When that happens on a large scale, prospective homeowners and renters everywhere can find answers to important questions, such as:

· Are the homes well maintained and nicely landscaped?

· Do homeowners show community spirit (decorating for the holidays, welcoming to trick-or-treaters etc.)?

· Do families join together to hold block parties?

· What are the traffic patterns like on the street?

· What do neighbors do collectively to help reduce crime?

· Is there a noise issue (i.e., barking dogs, car alarms, late-night parties)?

· Do kids walk to school and is it safe to do so?

· Are there nearby markets and family-run stores?

Remember, neighborhoods, like people, are all uniquely different, and Curberry’s goal is to introduce each family to its idea surroundings. provides users with a Curb Appeal scoring meter that helps grade neighborhoods based on these noteworthy criteria. And an interactive Google API mapping feature allows users to zoom in on neighborhoods, view results, ratings and get the facts. What’s more, prospective renters can peruse our new Classifieds feature that provides listings for apartment or house rentals — a convenient way to connect renters with landlords looking to gain long-term tenants. believes the neighborhoods we choose can have a big impact on our lifestyle. Unearthing basic community data (schools, parks, restaurants etc.) is easy for anyone with Internet access. But finding out what really goes on in a neighborhood on a day-to-day basis is an impossible task … without help. can glean all those critical details from neighbors so users can make an informed, personalized decision about their future neighborhood.

With Curberry’s search tool, a real estate listing can finally be complete. Imagine this description: 4 bed, 2 bath, open kitchen, great street parking, low noise, minimal traffic, popular with trick-or-treaters, close to schools.

Blending all that data gives prospective homeowners confidence in their decision and creates an awesome, stress-free home-buying experience, allowing them to unpack their belongings secure in the knowledge that their house is already a home.


Press Contact: Marci Bracco Cain (831) 747-7455