Dear Real Estate Investor;

Randy Hughes, a frequent presenter at our live events, asked me to share this message with you:


Hello Linda,

I’m looking forward to our workshop for your group. Thank you for inviting me!

I was thinking about ways I could provide value to the workshop attendees even before they attend the workshop, and I came up with this idea.

Would you be so kind as to send them a link to a video I did a few years ago? In it I talk about one of the benefits of not holding title in your own name: non-judicial foreclosure. If there is a default when selling on contract, it is possible, when the right steps have been taken in advance, to treat the default like a repossession rather than a foreclosure.

I explain this in a little more detail in the video. Would you mind distributing it?



Did you know that? Did you know there is a way treat a default as a repossession? Think of the headaches and hassles avoided . . . for everyone, really!

Here’s the link to the video.

I can tell already this workshop is really going to be something special. You can put off registering if you’d like, and your registration now makes the most sense.

Click here to register! 

To our success!

Linda Pliagas