By Linda Liberatore

As you build your real estate investment portfolio, you dream of ending your 9 to 5 corporate job and the day your freedom begins. No need to go into the office. Now you can spend your days finding properties and evaluating progress on rehabs while managing your current assets.

To operate as an investor having an office space is not necessary and it’s a great way to save capital. Let’s be sure that while you have saved on the cost of office space, you are able to keep great records in your new mobile workspace. There is a multitude of ways to stay organized while on the road. You might want to consider adding these mobile apps as you embrace your new virtual office. First things first, you’ll want to be sure your notes are logged from your mobile device. Some of our clients enjoy the speech-to-text features and exclusively use the Google suite of apps to manage their documents. This works perfect for sharing documents with a future virtual assistant.

The Zillow Rental Manager app allows you to post an ad on several sites. With Zillow Rental Manager, you can have your ad on Zillow, Trulia, HotPads and other top rental sites. And unlike some real estate apps, Zillow Rental Manager is free. Simply enter details and insert a few photos. Applicants from Zillow and Trulia include pet information, credit score and income. Remember, finding the most qualified candidate quickly is the goal.

Homestyler is a wonderful app that helps you envision your next rehab. Take a picture of the current floor plan and let Homestyler show you how it will look with tile or hardwood. Take the dream-work out for contractors and leads. Let them know how furniture placement can work. Check out lighting changes and more. Homestyler removes the guess-work, and the multiple trips and returns to the store.

It’s great anytime you need to share your vision with others. With more than 200,000 vendors checking in nationwide try Thumbtack for the next unexpected maintenance request. It’s more likely than not that you may get an emergency call during unexpected conditions.

If you can’t get there it’s worth giving Thumbtack a try. You can search for contractors by listing the job and they will send you the bid. You don’t have to accept anyone you don’t want to and you have the ability to read reviews and check credentials.

Private messaging allows you the ability to ask questions before selecting a vendor. If your regular crews are behind on projects this app is a great back up plan. Think big picture. You can get started with a small job with these people and if you like their work then you can add them to your team down the road.

As you grow your portfolio you are constantly on the lookout for the next best deal. allows you to find your next potential deal anywhere. This free online auction app has over 30,000 properties to select from. It’s powerful features include using an interactive map in both local and national markets with the ability to access details and property photos.

You can use the search and bid features while you are on the move. You no longer need to feel limited by attending auctions. You can start due diligence research with free title information or reports. Whether it is foreclosure or bank owned homes this is a leading source for the real estate marketplace.

No mobile app list is complete without the power of the app that allows you to finalize the deal, cue Docusign. Docusign saves you from the time and resources associated with completing business critical transactions. This app keeps everyone more productive and accountable from purchases to rentals.

Once you have reviewed the details of the agreements or contracts it’s both simple and secure to e-sign. Forget about the wasted time associatedwith sending out lease renewals to be signed andnot knowing if they are getting to your tenant securely.

This application has been a huge timesaver for us and our clients. It is a must for anyone looking to increase output and efficiency.

As an investor you are constantly on the road looking for properties or checking out existing properties. Make sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s with the amazing technology available to you today.

From the array of Google products to the apps listed above this only skims the water on the countless ways you can improve your business productivity. Take advantage of these today and you will see a difference!