Kaya Wittenburg, has gone from small Midwest town, to becoming a top fashion model working directly with Gianni and Donatella Versace, to leading U.S. and global developers in selling the most breathtaking condos in the world.

Through beautification in real estate design, Kaya Wittenburg has risen to being involved in over $4B worth of real estate sales in some of the most exclusive locations on the planet.

This has included promoting exciting world-class projects in Las Vegas, Miami, Panama and the Bahamas. As a public speaker and high-profile industry personality, he has been featured on CNN, BBC World, GQ, and The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few.

I managed to track Kaya down between photo shoots to tap into some highly credentialed insights on branding new construction, and profiting from the highest end real estate investments. So, what tips can be gleaned from Wittenburg’s successes for maximizing personal performance, scooping better deals on luxury real estate, and renovating or building new projects that push new limits in ROI?

Just what can the glamorous modeling world teach aspiring real estate moguls?

How do you go from growing up in a small suburb to selling over $4B of the Most Envied Destination Real Estate on the planet?

Kaya Wittenburg says from his first big casting in Milan with Gianni Versace, the modeling world provided countless experiences in learning about people, trends and the details of effective styling. From new countries to diverse cultures and new friends, Kaya says he found “Fashion, art, architecture and interior design,” all appreciated by those he mingled with.

Of his first Versace dinner Kaya says he remembers being “Totally overwhelmed. The attention to design was simply amazing. Every plate, tray, piece of silverware at the table was a work of art.”

While some might find this level of attention to detail and priority on luxury excessive in the real estate world, it has proven to be a consistent component in the success of leading luxury brands, while delivering real lifts to profit margins.

When asked what was behind his success, Paul McRae, broker of the Galleria Collection of Fine Homes in Fort Lauderdale once pointed to his $300 per foot office wallpaper. One of the top ten Manhattan brokerage firms MNS recently achieved a $200 per foot premium on unit sales at the Edge through its efforts in marketing. Wittenburg says he is currently working with a hot brand in Miami that plans to catapult oceanfront property prices by 35% with a new luxury development.

For real estate investors seeking the most attractive returns with maximum security, the Sky Five Properties founder says, “Investors have a greater margin of safety in branded residences because resale values have been proven to be somewhat more stable than non-branded residences.”

He also comments that when it comes to renovating or designing new multifamily, conversions and condo developments one of the worst mistakes is, “A lack of creativity and sex appeal for lobbies and pool decks, which can destroy pre-construction sales efforts.”

Being one of the most transparent authorities in the world of real estate sales, Kaya has often ruffled the feathers of his competitors by openly giving condo buyers and investors the upper edge. He says, “Everything is negotiable, even in pre-construction developments,” and often offers insights on common real estate sales tactics via the Sky Five Properties Blog.


In addition to world travel, Kaya Wittenburg was blessed growing up in a real estate household with his mother actively sharing her deal-making and entertaining client-friends for dinner. It was at this young age Wittenburg caught the excitement of real estate investing.

Of course, as any investor, REALTOR ® or CEO knows, it takes regular maintenance and intentness to keep up an elite level of passion and innovation to operate at the very top of the game. To this end, Kaya has nurtured a lifelong yearning for learning and constant self-improvement. The Miami real estate innovator says “meditation and yoga practice has helped me elevate the quality of my thoughts – thinking thoughts that induce a sense of excitement, confidence, and gratitude, every day.”

While others striving to compete in this fast-based business normally wind up letting what they have learned fall to the wayside, Kaya says religiously sticking to “daily journaling makes a huge impact in long-term success,” a practice he picked up from former Florida Governor, Bob Graham.

Want to find out what’s the next big pivot for Miami real estate, and which top global label will be the next to unveil a luxury branded building in the Magic City? Kaya says we’ll have to look out for his next update.

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