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By Tim Houghten

We seem to be in one of the most interesting and exciting times for real estate investors in recent history. There appears to be both motivated sellers and motivated buyers creating an incredible intersection of opportunity. For many, the ability and scale at which they can take advantage of this phase of the market is all about access to smart leverage and funding for their deals.

We recently connected with Jared Reyes, Vice President of Sales at Center Street Lending to gain insight on their success, what funding is currently available, and how investors can position themselves to make the most of the landscape.

Center Street Lending

Center Street Lending (CSL) is a private lender specializing in Value-add Residential investment properties. The company is coming up on 13 years in business, during which they’ve originated over $3B in residential investment property loans.

Stephen Couig founded Center Street Lending after obtaining his MBA at Dartmouth, and stints with Morgan Stanley and Troon Golf, as well as operating his own residential development company.

He not only saw a big opportunity to fill the void in the business-purpose lending space, but he also aspired to help solve the lack of housing inventory.

As Vice President Jared Reyes says there was, and remains, a shortage of good housing. He adds that either enough hasn’t been built, or what is on the market needs improvement and upgrading.


Investment Property Loans

Both directly, and through their network of mortgage brokers, Center Street Lending provides several types of loans for investors.

Programs include:

  • Fix and flip loans
  • Rental property loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Ground up construction loans
  • Long-term rental property loans

Bridge loans provide investors with fast capital when they need to quickly close on new acquisitions. These loans are available on SFRs, up to 4-unit properties, townhomes, and condos, including for foreign nationals.

Rental property loans are available for refinance or purchase, for short- and long-term rental operators.

Center Street’s Strength: Fix & Flip Loans

Center Street Lending’s portfolio Fix & Flip loan program offers up to 85% LTV on the purchase price, or 100% of rehab costs.

Flexible loan terms range from 6 to 18 months. Funding is available in at least 18 states across the US.

Loan amounts start at $100k, with closings in as little as 10 -14 business days.

Center Street’s Strength: Ground Up Construction

One of the programs CSL is most known for is funding ground up construction projects.

Whether it’s helping newer investors get started in real estate or those already doing several projects a month, Center Street Lending sees themselves as a catalyst for starting and growing real-estate investment businesses.

Their construction loans fund non-owner occupied 2-4 unit builds, townhomes, PUDs, and condos. Flexible terms range from 9 to 18 months, with loan amounts up to $10M.

Financing goes up to 80% Loan-To-Cost (LTC). The team at Center Street pride themselves on fast, no-hassle draws on funds.

Tips For Real Estate Investors

While the market may be strong and moving swiftly, Center Street wants to work with solid borrowers with good projects. In today’s market, those flipping houses and building new inventory are facing more challenges than ever before. Center Street’s loan / project journey, which consists of loan origination, servicing, and fund control gives investors more transparency to navigate through supply chain delays, permit delays, and labor shortages.

To stay ahead, to continue to be successful, and to maintain access to the best funding to scale, CSL recommends:

  • Be detailed in costs management
  • Build in contingencies for volatility
  • Be smart about the project at hand
  • Show the work / show the experience


What’s Different About Center Street Lending? Smarter Loans for Residential Investors

Center Street Lending stands out from traditional lending with some more creative loan programs specifically designed for investors, especially those interested in value-add construction projects.

CSL focuses on relationships with their borrowers as they continue to grow their businesses. The team is built with experienced and knowledgeable members who can communicate with borrowers about their complex needs.

Something that is different than most is that they do everything in house; that means the ability to underwrite and fund loans in house. Another key bonus is CSL’s ability to retain the servicing on their loans so that investors continue to have the same point of contact — one who cares about the long-term relationship.

For those interested in running their deal scenarios by Center Street Lending, please contact them to find out more.

Connect with Center Street Lending (CSL) today at (949) 449-2594

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