By Leon McKenzie, CEO, US Probate Leads

Are you looking for ways to do something meaningful with your life? Studies have shown that all of us, not just millennials, want a job that does good in the world. Helping someone who has recently lost a loved one is one way to do that.

Imagine this: Someone you loved has died suddenly. You find yourself the executor of their estate, and you are thrust into a situation where you must not only grieve the loss of your loved one, plan a funeral, but also take care of numerous legal and financial details to settle their estate. This on top of your already busy everyday life. Wouldn’t you want someone to be able to help you handle some of this work?

Now you, an expert in the real estate industry, are constantly looking for leads. Without a steady stream of properties to look at, it can be nearly impossible to meet your investment goals.  That said, there is an ongoing challenge in finding investment properties in the real estate market due to ongoing tightening on the supply side. You are also looking to do good in the world.

Probates Are a Meaningful Option

While no real estate investor should eliminate a lead source from their business as each of them can yield a gem, whether the traditional, new construction or foreclosure market, there is always room to add another option. Seasoned real estate investors, motivated by a desire to make money while helping others, are turning to probate leads.

While many people aren’t familiar with probate leads, they have been and will continue to be an ongoing source for leads. Probate leads are generated when probates are filed in a local courthouse and can be a great way to add to your options for your buying area. Included in probates can be a wide variety of investments. Having access to these leads is a great way to diversify your lead strategy and give yourself some additional options when looking for properties to add to your portfolio.

What probate leads offer is a way to diversify your lead strategy and include more than just one type of real estate listing. This option can give you ways to find lower priced properties that may have more flexibility in their terms.

What are Probate Leads?

Probates leads include information on property that is part of a legal filing after the death of a loved one. These cases include many types of property that may have been owned by someone who has passed on. This can include homes, vacation homes, cars, RVs, businesses, commercial property, rental property, artwork and other personal property. These cases are listed in each county after the death of a loved one where a probate needs to be filed and are controlled by the local court.

Generally, this property has to be sold in order to pay for medical, tax, legal, and funeral expenses. The court will assign an Executor to handle the sale of the property so that these obligations can be met and the heirs can receive any remaining funds.

By Purchasing Properties in Probate You Can Help an Executor

As part of an overall investment strategy, probate leads are valuable because they often come with very motivated sellers. Executors need to deal with the property that is in the probate filing in order to meet the court requirements. Many times, they need cash in order to pay bills that have been left after the passing of their loved one. Often they find themselves with a lot on their plate in order to settle their loved ones estate while going about their every day life.

Executors may feel lost and overwhelmed and do not have the time, energy, or desire to go through all the usual steps of getting a property ready to sell. They are likely to have just inherited a property that they do not want and that needs updates in order to sell for full price. Typically, the property has a lot of equity because the owner has been making payments for years, or the property may be fully paid off.  This creates a situation where the Executor may be willing to sell the property for a discount in exchange for being able to unload the property with as little work as possible and knowing that any profit is a gift they did not expect.

Finding property at a discounted rate in today’s market is a real challenge, and that is what makes probate leads such an important part of an overall lead strategy.  These properties may be available for thirty to fifty percent off of the market price and are generally available for a quick closing.

Probate Leads are Viable for Quite a While

New users of probate leads may think that the leads would have a short time on the market.  That is not the case. Generally it take some time for Executors to get all of the paperwork filed and to go through their loved one’s things before they are ready to sell. There is also the process of grieving, which can cause Executors to hold onto a property for a time before they are willing to sell it. With these parameters in mind, real estate investors who are looking at probate leads will find that Executors who are selling property may not be ready to sell for twelve months after the filing.  In many cases, the leads are still viable eighteen months after the passing of a loved one.  This allows for plenty of time for real estate investors to make contact with the Executor.

Probate Leads Include More than Residential Real Estate

For real estate investors who are looking to diversify their property portfolio, probate leads can be an excellent source of alternative investments.  While many people start looking at probate leads for discounts on residential real estate, what they soon realize is that probates can include a wide variety of other types of investments.  These can include businesses that are up and running, artwork, jewelry, personal property, furniture, antiques, cars, vintage cars, boats, RVs, commercial property, vacation homes, and rental properties.  It is important to ask each Executor what types of property they have for sale in their portfolio rather than just assuming that it is only residential property.

Get Access to Probate Leads Today

Using probate leads is a great way to find more leads in your area as a real estate investor.  With long term viability and Executors that are motivated to sell, and your desire to be helpful, you will see that probates are a way to quickly find discounted properties.  If you are looking for diversity in your lead package, then you can get access to probate leads easily and quickly by vising US Probate Leads.  We offer county by county listings of the probate leads in your area delivered directly to your inbox.  Each county in the United States is covered by our trained team of lead specialists.  Our team makes sure that you have the leads that you need in order to make your business grow.

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