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By Fuquan Bilal

Want to feel that real passion for real estate investing again?

Whether you got stuck spinning your wheels before you really got started, have taken an extended break or are just going through the motions now that the money is coming in too easily, it’s important to keep your passion on high.

If you’re not passionate about what you are doing, people will notice, and it won’t be long before things start to slide. You can lose your passion from discouragement or just because you’ve automated everything and it’s become dull.

Whether you crave getting that mojo back or you just want to be sure you are maintaining it, try these strategies…

Remember Your Why


Why were you investing in real estate or what excited you about it in the first place?

Maybe it was for your lifestyle or for your family, or to help other people. Chances are that you haven’t crossed the finish line yet. You may have run into challenges, or it may have become very transactional. Yet, the odds are that you haven’t made enough money to future proof your family wealth for the next few generations yet. You probably haven’t run out of people to help.

Remember your why. Realize there is still a lot to do. Get moving on that.

Set Bigger Goals

You can make a million dollars a month in real estate and get bored. There is only so much shopping and golf you can do. Set bigger goals.

You might be the biggest investor in your town, in your niche or even Manhattan. There is still more that can be achieved.


It doesn’t have to be about the money. It’s more about knowing you’ve really pushed the limits as far as they can go.

Billion dollar companies are almost becoming common. If a billion is too small for you, then think globally. Can you build a portfolio of income properties in every state or country or major city? Can you diversify your brand from just flipping houses to new construction or something else?

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Ask who you can connect with, align with or hire to get you there.

Hang Out With Amazing People

It’s important to spend time with your peers and passing on your learnings to help others. Firstly though, be sure to spend a third of your time with inspiring and uplifting people who will challenge you to level up your game. Do that and everything else on this list should fall into place. And if you can’t do so in person for some reason, engage on social media, tune into a great podcast every week, and find ways to do it virtually.

Do Something New

Constantly doing new things is important. It has countless mental and physical benefits. It will also fuel your passion in a variety of ways.

Maybe you’ll travel and have your eyes opened to just how much real estate there is out there. Or you’ll realize how much you really love home.

Find new ways to look at real estate. Take the plunge into new asset classes and strategies. You may find something you are even more passionate about once you taste it.

Go take on new activities and meet new people. Treat yourself to new adventures. Otherwise what’s the point of it all?


Ask Who You Can Help

We tend to lose our passion when we focus too much on ourselves. Instead, ask who you can help. Get out there and ask everyone how you can help them in regards to real estate.

Who can you help find a home? Sell a home? Generate more income from real estate? Diversify their portfolio? Raise money?

Challenge yourself to deliver. Push your limits. You may find it incredibly rewarding and a new fuel for your passion.

Investment Opportunities

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Fuquan Bilal

Fuquan Bilal founded NNG in 2012 with the principal mission of capitalizing on the growing supply of mortgage notes in the interbank marketplace. Mr .Bilal utilizes his 17 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities and capitalize on them. To date, he has successfully managed three private mortgage note funds that primarily invest in singlefamily performing and non­performing mortgage notes. His financial acumen and proprietary set of investment criteria enable him to purchase underperforming real estate assets at a deep discount of face and market values, thereby increasing the value of the assets. This, coupled with his ability to maximize the use of leverage, enables him to build strong, secured portfolios with solid passive income flows.