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By Ted Thomas

This Will Knock Your Socks Off!

 2 Distinct Investment Opportunities

#1 Tax Lien Certificates – One of the Safest Investments In America Today!

When it comes to real estate investing, there is much to be learned and a lot of money to be made. The prudent investor knows that it is impossible to learn about all facets of real estate investing at once and instead focuses on a certain kind of purchase or investment, works to make the investment profitable, before moving on.  One of the most unknown but highly profitable types of real estate investments is investing in tax lien certificates.

Purchasing a tax lien certificate is a fantastic way to build wealth and generate revenue.  This investment vehicle is a very real way in today’s economy to work towards financial independence.  However, you must know what happens when you purchase a tax lien certificate and how it works in order to be successful. Never jump into a real estate investment opportunity without proper education.

A tax lien certificate is offered by a local county government who is looking to collect on delinquent property taxes.  The certificate, when it is offered, becomes the first lien on the property and gives you, the investor, the opportunity to collect on the tax payments that are owed.

First, it is good to work in tax lien certificates if you do not have a lot of working capital to invest.  This is also a great investment tool if you are looking for a guaranteed return on your initial investment. The returns on tax lien certificates can be up to 16%, 18%, even 36%.  A tax lien certificate is typically a solid addition to any investment portfolio. Tax lien investments are one of the safest investments found in America today.

In order to purchase a tax lien certificate, as an investor you must find out the terms and conditions of the public tax auction in the county where you are interested in doing business.  Keep in mind, tax lien terms and conditions vary widely by county and state, so in order for you to be properly educated over bids, interest rates, terms, collection, and other matters, you must know what the county government requires. This may sound tricky but with the proper training it’s actually quite easy and extremely profitable. This business can be done online from anywhere including your kitchen table or home office.

This is a passive investment, perfect for the newcomers to real estate investing. Once you get a tax lien certificate you just sit back and wait for the profit check to come in the mail.

#2 Properties for Pennies – Mortgage Free

Tax deeds or tax defaulted properties are sold in about half the states in the US. Many times you can buy these properties for low prices because a great value because you are bidding on the property at a tax deed auction.

Here’s the simplified version of how tax deed sales work. Each homeowner must pay their real estate tax to the local government jurisdictions.  When a homeowner does not pay their county mandated taxes on their property, the county will confiscate the property and offer it for sale at a government tax defaulted property auction for only back delinquent taxes.  The county must do this because the county must pay for important services like local police, fire, schools and infrastructure, without the tax money they cannot do this and the local government would be in a world of trouble.

During a tax deed auction, property is usually sold for starting bid back tax plus any fees, interest charges, and court costs. Property taxes are only a small percentage of the market value and because of this investors who purchase a tax deed buy the full property rights for just pennies on the dollar.

A tax deed sale must be announced publicly and by law and in most instances are sold to the highest bidder.  When you are the winner at a tax deed auction you actually own the property and you own full legal rights to the property that very same day without any mortgages, liens or deeds of trust.

Of course this is a real estate investment and with any investment there can be risks.  It is important to become educated and always do your own due diligence before purchasing at the tax deed sale to minimize your risk.

You’ll want to make sure you research the property values before bidding on any tax deed property.

There are many ways to locate tax lien certificate auctions and tax defaulted property auctions. You can search Google, go directly to the local county government websites or call local county government offices. Having experience on your side can make a big difference in the amount of time it takes to get off and running in this investment opportunity. Ted Thomas and his team have been teaching investors how to do this business for over twenty-five years. Ted Thomas has helped thousands of students become successful tax lien and deed investors.

Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is a Florida-based author and publisher who specializes in tax lien certificate and tax defaulted property investments. Visitors to his website will find 3 must see FREE instructional videos. No credit card required. The video lessons will give you information about government tax defaulted real estate which is sold at public auctions starting bid back taxes which could be 10 cents to 20 cents on the dollar. You’ll also learn the secrets of tax lien certificates which generate returns of 16%, 18%, up to 36%. Go to for more information.