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By Tim Houghten

We are certainly in exciting times for real estate investing. A lot may feel like it is changing from our 12-year bull run. But if you’ve been through a cycle or two in the past, then this may feel a lot more familiar and predictable.

Success in the months and years ahead is going to largely depend on investors’ financial position and access to capital.

Critical questions all investors should be asking themselves right now include: If their debt has been optimized to survive, what’s next? And, will they be able to secure new funding to keep thriving and growing as more opportunities arise?

Meet Joe

We caught up with Joseph V. Scorese to gain insight on the lending landscape, including what we can expect from lenders and what types of funding is still available for investors.

Joe is Regional Development Manager, Northeast, for Lending One. A national private lender focused on providing loans for real estate investors, LendingOne has funded over $1B in loans.

He has personally been investing in this space since 1992. So, he certainly knows a thing or two about the market, how it works and how to make the most of it.

One of the things that Joseph is most passionate about is educating others on the availability of private money and how it can be used to grow their real estate investing.


What Exactly Are Private Real Estate Lenders?

Joseph specifically wants investors to understand that there are alternatives to the credit sources that they used to be limited to.

In his opinion, traditional banks and mortgage lenders really let investors down in the wake of the Great Recession. He doesn’t see them stepping up to be competitive or provide the backing that real estate investors need now or will need in the next phase.

At the other end of the mortgage market spectrum have been hard-money lenders. They have certainly had their place in the market, although their high-interest rates and limited scope of underwriting hasn’t made them the optimal solution for many.

Today, LendingOne is a private real-estate lender. A distinctly different industry to the others. LendingOne is backed by Blackstone and its deep pockets of private capital.

They are an asset-based lender. Though in contrast to hard money, they also look at DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio), plus the strength of the borrower and their experience. This allows them to make more aggressive loans — with better rates and terms than hard money lenders — while providing loans that traditional mortgage lenders wouldn’t consider due to their rigid underwriting criteria.


The Current & Evolving Landscape

We picked Joe’s brain for his insights on the current market and what’s ahead.

While no one knows exactly how things will play out, with enduring inflation — the highest in 40 years — he acknowledges that we could probably use some cooling in the housing market. Not that we need a crash, but more sustainable growth would be wise.

We have already seen a significant reset in the past 90 days. Joe says that in addition to the extra inventory we’ve seen coming along over the past couple of months, there are a lot of foreclosures in the works. It could be another 12 or 18 months before they hit the market. Together these factors suggest that there is going to be a lot more negotiability for acquisitions coming and hopefully more discounts to be found.

So far the only obvious changes in the lending space have been in interest rates. Most of today’s investors weren’t around when rates were at 20% or even 14%. Joe says that while they might not get that high, they are indeed rising. He predicts they will likely hit the 8% to 9% range.

This should definitely be creating a sense of urgency among investors to do two things:

  1. Optimize current debt structures to make it through this phase of the market.
  2. Lock in great long-term fixed rates on new acquisitions while rates are low.

Additionally, investors need to be really getting in tune with their numbers, evaluating their assumptions and bids, and planning for new dynamics in the market.

Loan Programs To Fuel Your REI Business

Joseph V. Scorese says that LendingOne has $3B already committed to lend next year. He expects that to be consistent over the next several years.

LendingOne offers a variety of real estate financing options, including the following.

Fix & Flip Loans

Up to 90% of purchase and repair costs, and closing in as little as one week. BRRR-friendly, and interest-only payment options.

Rental Property Loans

Loans for individual rental properties, with 30-year fixed-rate options, no personal tax returns needed, and corporate borrowers allowed.

New Construction Loans

Ground-up construction loans with interest-only payments for up to 24 months.

Multifamily Property Loans

Multifamily bridge loans for value-add apartment building projects with loan amounts up to $15M, and no DSCR requirement at closing.

Portfolio Rental Loans & Blanket Mortgages

These loans are ideal for those with five or more rental units, with 30-year fixed-rate loans, and loan amounts up to $50M.

Smart Money Moves To Make Now

With the insights we gained from Joseph in our interview, it seems there are some obvious moves most investors should be making.

  • Recalibrate your buying criteria to demand better deals
  • Refinance now avoid rate shock on loans maturing in the next couple of years
  • Lock in long term fixed rate loan terms on new acquisitions now
  • Be sure you are staying on top of market changes on a daily basis

Find out more about LendingOne and their financing options at

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