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– Join Us for Realty411’s Lone Star Wealth Summit –

Are you ready to grow your real estate portfolio to new levels of abundance? If so, be sure to join us for Realty411’s new Lone Star Wealth Summit.

Investors, Realty411 is hosting a Real Estate WEALTH Investor Summit & In Field Bus Training in Arlington, Texas on September 16th & 17th.

This is our first Lone Star Expo with the Bus training since 2018. Make sure to register now for both events in Arlington, TX. What can you expect at this one-day special conference?

We have some of the most active investors from Texas and beyond joining us, including: *

* Chander Mishra MD MBA CPE FASE FASA FAACD – Blue Ocean Capital
* Bob Bluhm, Esq — Asset Protection Attorney & Public Speaker
* Joseph Kimbrough- Apex Real Estate Investments
* Brian Carlson – Subject-To Real Estate Academy
* Joseph V. Scorese – BRRR Loans
* Brad Blazar – Capital School
* Steve Davis – Total Wealth Academy
* Jimmy Reed –
* Jonah Dew – The Money Multiplier* Abbas M. — Model Equity
* Jim Edenfield – Invest Success
* Tim Emery – Great Mile High Investor Summit
* Neil Walgen — MAG Capital Partners
* Joel M. Desilets – Damascus Partners, LLC
* Hugh Zarenstsky – The REAL Brokerage
* Linda Pliagas – Realty411 & REI Wealth

*speaker schedule subject to change

The Wealth Expo is on Saturday, September 16th in Arlington, TX. The link below will help you register and learn more about the Guest Speakers and Schedule of events.

Register now and you get in the Expo for FREE. However, free tickets are limited and will not last.

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